Alien: Covenant Set Video Shows Xenomorph Being Created

Alien Covenant xenomorph design

There is nothing quite like going home, and that is exactly what director Ridley Scott is doing in his upcoming prequel, Alien Covenant. The legendary director transformed the face of science fiction and horror when he released his 1979 classic, Alien. Over the years the franchise transitioned from a slasher-style horror tone to a full-fledged action-adventure spectacle. By the time the Xenomorphs were pitted against Predators, the Alien franchise had not only lost its steam, but lost its way.

In 2012, Scott jumped back into the director's chair to create a whole new world and backstory for his beloved property with Prometheus. While the movie was a financial success, it proved to be divisive among fans and critics. Nonetheless, it gave audiences an origin story for arguably the most infamous aliens in cinematic history. Scott is now back again to continue his story and give the Alien franchise the beginning that it deserves in Alien: Covenant, which is currently at the tail end of filming. The FX team took to Twitter recently and gave the world its first glimpse at the new creatures being created.

Where it all begins. #AlienCovenant

— Alien Anthology (@AlienAnthology) July 6, 2016

While this is only a small glimpse, it does show that the original skeletal design of the Xenomorphs has stayed intact. Each installment of the series has slightly altered the look of the monsters, due to the fact that they are biologically affected by their host's anatomy, so it seems that some unfortunate crew members in Alien: Covenant will be kissing a face hugger or two before the credits roll.

One of the loudest complaints about Prometheus was that the lack of the franchise's trademark creatures, so it seems that Scott and 20th Century Fox are doubling down on aliens, as evidenced by the title of the film. While this short video is far from a confirmation that the franchise is back on track, it's encouraging to see how it's all coming together.

Alien: Covenant opens on August 4th, 2017.

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