Alien: Covenant Video - Tennessee Punched a Police Officer's Horse

Alien Covenant - Danny McBride as Tennessee

The latest promo video for Alien: Covenant shines a light on the character Tennessee, played by Danny McBride. As any well-verse fan of the sci-fi genre would be able to tell you, when someone is making a film set on a spaceship, the crew members on it wind up, in the end, being just as important as the problems they must face or wherever their destination is. Whether it features as memorable a crew of characters as its predecessors remains to be seen, but the marketing for Covenant has made it very clear as of late that each of the crew members on the spaceship Covenant are important to the film's overall story.

From the job they have on it to their relationships to the other characters, each Covenant crew member appears to serve a very particular purpose to the complete architecture of the movie's plot and how it builds its tension. Right near the top of the list of Alien: Covenant's important players too, is Danny McBride's Tennessee. The designated pilot of the Covenant, McBride is venturing into relatively unknown territory in his career here, appearing in a horror film for the first time - and not necessarily serving as comedic relief here, either.

With only a few more weeks to go until Alien: Covenant hits theaters next month, 20th Century Fox has been steadily upping the ante in its marketing for the film. And in continuation of the ongoing Covenant viral marketing, a brand new crew video message from the film has been released, this time coming directly from McBride's Tennessee. The video itself is mostly filled with expository information, offering some small insight into Tennessee's criminal history on Earth pre-Covenant (which includes him punching a police officer's horse in the mouth on St. Patrick's Day).

Alien Covenant - Danny McBride as Tennessee

Aside from just the small comedic details that McBride mentions about his character, the video itself is surprisingly emotional, as Tennesse remarks on how much older his baby brother will be by the time he gets home from his space journey. If he gets back, anyways. It touches on a strong human emotion possibly running throughout the crew members on the ship, particularly with Tennessee and Daniels, and could help turn Alien: Covenant into a much more emotional sci-fi outing than some fans might have expected.

After being met with resistance and criticism from fans upon his initial casting too, McBride already looks to be one of the most surprising highlights of Alien: Covenant, as his character works closely with Katherine Waterston's Daniels to try and survive the horrors that are lying in wait for them on their uncharted, foreign "paradise." Not bad considering this all just started because of a fun meeting McBride had with Ridley Scott, which eventually led to the legendary filmmaker giving the actor a role in one of this year's most-anticipated blockbuster films.

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