Alien: Covenant Clip - Beware the Facehuggers

Leading up to the release of the hotly anticipated science fiction franchise film from returning director Ridley Scott, the latest clip from Alien: Covenant provides fans of the franchise with yet another reason to beware the facehuggers. Seeing as how early reviews have been generally favorable for the new movie overall, things are looking up for the latest feature length installment in the Alien franchise.

Introducing several new characters who will be joined by more than a few returning faces from the preceding entry from 2012 that is Prometheus, potential viewers of Alien: Covenant are no doubt looking forward to seeing where Scott intends to take his long-running feature franchise next. Following the latest reports that have Scott planning for at least two more sequels after this one - though his past enthusiasm for the series may lead to even more further down the road -  Covenant is likely to be a major event for die-hard fans of the franchise, who additionally won't want to miss the latest clip from the new movie.

In the footage featured above, moviegoers can get another first look at all of the science fiction horror elements soon to come in Alien: Covenant proper, with the emphasis this time around honing in on the inherently creepy nature of the iconic facehuggers. After stumbling upon a seemingly deserted cave in the midst of a presumed planet of untapped potential for sustaining human life, two crew members from the colony ship Covenant find themselves in an intense battle for their lives with an acid spitting facehugger - in addition to an unseen terror from above.

All of the horror genre beats employed in this latest clip will be immediately familiar to anyone who has seen an Alien film in the past, and the use of a facehugger is certainly a narrative device used by both Scott and his successors in the original slate of franchise films time and time again. That being said, the quality of the filmmaking displayed therein definitely provides for an enticing appetizer for everything soon to come in Alien: Covenant as it makes its way to theaters.

Prometheus may retain its highly divisive status as one of the most debated entries in the surrounding Alien franchise - with the possible exception of Alien vs. Predator and its sequel Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem from 2004 and 2007, respectively - but with any luck Alien: Covenant will manage to find an audience of appreciative fans and general moviegoers alike. On that note, here's to hoping for the very best from Scott's latest science fiction film.

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Key Release Dates
  • Alien: Covenant (2017) release date: May 19, 2017
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