Alien Covenant TV Spots: Run. Pray. Hide.

Three new TV spots for the upcoming Alien: Covenant focus on a distressed crew and reveal facehuggers and the fully-evolved Alien.

Katherine Waterston and Danny McBride in Alien: Covenant

Three new TV spots for Alien: Covenant are here, focusing on the horror elements of the film - particularly, its iconic monster. This new installment in the Ridley Scott-created franchise comes five whole years after Scott's original Alien prequel, PrometheusCovenant takes place after Prometheus but before the original Alien, meaning it will see another crew in peril on an unknown world and build on the lore of the Xenomorph species.

At the end of Prometheus, we saw Noomi Rapace's Dr. Shaw and Michael Fassbender's David escape a hostile world, and got a teasing glimpse at a fully evolved neomorph. Now, though Shaw and David are set to return in Covenant, the crew of the Covenant spaceship itself is no more equipped to deal with the growing hostile species. In fact, it looks like history is about to repeat itself for these unwitting explorers.

The new Covenant TV spots, titled "Run," "Pray," and "Hide" bring the thrills and chills as the Covenant crew faces off against a version of the Xenomorph that's being referred to as a "Neomorph". We get a glimpse at several evolutionary stages of the Neomorph, as "Run" (below) focuses on a blooming facehugger, and "Pray" (below) and "Hide" (above) both offer glimpses at the fully-evolved creature. Check them out, and prepare to jump.



These Covenant TV spots tease more of what we've already learned about the film, particularly that it will be the goriest Alien movie yet. The second Covenant theatrical trailer gave us an unflinching glimpse at the carnage to come, and showed us the stakes for the Covenant mission. As a colonization effort focused on bringing couples to a habitable planet, the Covenant crew is especially valuable - and vulnerable.

Though it continues to seem as though Covenant will do little more than rehash the much-beloved Alien formula (unwitting crew goes to explore new planet, finds creepy signs of another species, gets brutally attacked by some 'morphs), we're not exactly mad about it. There's a lot to explore in the original Alien, so it will be interesting to see how this update builds on that first film's themes of human connection and final girl kick-assery. The movie inserts some new elements, like the franchise's first explicitly gay characters, and a whole boatload of religious themes (in case you hadn't noticed, Ridley Scott has a thing for Christianity).

Whether or not Alien: Covenant ends up being a totally original addition to the franchise, it will certainly be interesting to see how it builds on its preexisting themes. From facehuggers to jump scares, these short trailers promise a return to the Alien universe we know and love. It's just a matter of whether or not that return will feel like a new discovery, or a rehashing of sights already seen.

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