Alien: Covenant Red Band Trailer #2 Arriving This Week


Following the divisive reactions to 2012's Prometheus, acclaimed director Ridley Scott is set to dip his toes back into the Alien universe once again with this year's Alien: Covenant. Despite being a follow-up to Prometheus, though, Covenant already appears to have more in common with the first Alien film than it does any other installment in the franchise so far. Focusing on the crew of the colonization ship, The Covenant, the film follows them as they arrive on a previously uncharted planet that they initially believe to be a paradise in the universe. That is, until they learn that not everything is what it seems, as they come into contact with some of its unfathomable horrors.

Twentieth Century Fox has been keeping a steady promotional train for Covenant going over the past few months, and considering it's one of the studio's biggest releases this year, it's not hard to see why. Following the release of a five-minute prologue from Alien: Covenant last week as well, it looks like fans can expect to see even more from Covenant sooner than they might have thought.

Trailer Track is reporting today that Fox has officially completed a brand new, full-length red band trailer for Covenant that will be premiering later this week. There are said to be both green and red band versions of the trailer, and it will reportedly be making its debut during Thursday night screenings of Logan, which is also being distributed and produced by Fox. So, fans should likely expect to see the Alien: Covenant trailer drop online sometime during the day on Thursday, or later on in the night.


It's been just a little over two months since the first Alien: Covenant trailer was released, and with the film set to hit theaters in May, fans likely didn't think that another round of footage would be released from the film until closer to its theatrical release - specifically when considering the five minutes worth of footage that was revealed last week. But with more effects on the film likely completed, 20th Century Fox may be eager to try to show fans and general moviegoers what they have cooking with Covenant, as they begin to move on from Logan this year.

From a purely visual point of view, Covenant is already shaping up to be a much more suitable successor to Alien than it ever was for Prometheus, other than its impressive, wide-angle special effects sequences. But aside from just the visuals, the film promises to have a much more terrifying, horror-filled tone than any of the other Alien films have had. Currently billed as the second installment in the Prometheus prequel trilogy too, that means it'll only bring the story and characters that much closer to where and when Ellen Ripley first encountered a Xenomorph. That is, if Alien: Covenant ends up being the success that both Ridley Scott and Fox are hoping it will be.


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Source: Trailer Track

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