Alien: Covenant Set Video Teases 1 Year to Release

Out of context set videos and images for upcoming films are a terrific little marketing tool that Ridley Scott's Alien: Covenant has taken full advantage of since production began earlier this year. While avoiding spoilers at all costs, the film has released several photos teasing not only returning cast member Michael Fassbender as the advanced android David, but also newcomers Danny McBride and Katherine Waterston as Daniels, who bears a strong resemblance to Sigourney Weaver's Ripley. Some of the images have prominently featured Scott, in case you were left wondering who the film was directed by, and although they didn't reveal much in terms of what's going on, or where the story would take place – aside from some vaguely futuristic and industrial-looking sets – they certainly did the job in terms of building a sense of intrigue.

It would seem that now the film shifting back to the set video phase of its pre-marketing marketing plan, offering those interested in seeing what happened after Prometheus a quick glimpse at the movie as it's in progress, while also reassuring fans the film will eventually land in theaters. In fact, the new video not only offers a look at Waterston's Daniels in what looks like a space gear (or at least the under layer of some space gear), but it also confirms that the film will be released 365 days from now.

While a year is a long time to wait, the tease certainly does a good job of building interest for the film without going to the hassle of creating an actual trailer – teaser or otherwise – and it also affords those curious about the next chapter in the Alien prequel saga an idea of what the film will look like. Of course, eight seconds isn't much to go on in terms of actual content, so if you're looking for details as to the film's story or characters, you're definitely out of luck.

Alien Covenant Title Image

Still, the image of Waterston's character in some sort of chamber, surrounded by flashing lights still managed to evoke feelings of the first Alien Scott directed back in 1979. So far, this is in keeping with several of the other images that have been released from the set, as it appears there's at least an aesthetic bridge being drawn between Covenant and the first Alien film, as well as a narrative one. Again, it's not much to go on, but the device Daniels appears to be in (perhaps a hypersleep chamber?), as well as her attire, appears to have the same kind of sterile appearance as the med bay John Hurt's Kane was taken by Dallas (Tom Skerritt) and Ash (Ian Holm) after he was attacked by a face hugger.

What those lights are doing or what Daniels' clothing means is completely up in the air without context, but for anyone who is eager to learn more about Alien: Covenant this short little set video will likely be eight seconds worth investigating more than once.


Alien: Covenant will be released on August 4, 2017.

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