Alien: Covenant Set Image - Danny McBride's On a Spaceship

Alien: Covenant casting update

Anticipation for Alien: Covenant, the followup to 2012's sci-fi thriller Prometheus from Oscar-nominated director Ridley Scott, is high at this point, as the upcoming sequel is rumored to bridge the gap between Prometheus and the original Alien film of 1979. The new movie will act as the next installment in the long-running series, and has already been praised by returning cast member Michael Fassbender for its striking visual design that should prove in keeping with Scott's larger canon of films.

The latest set photos have teased glimpses of certain mysterious and creepy figures soon to come, and following recent news that has Noomi Rapace slated to return in the role of Elizabeth Shaw from PrometheusAlien: Covenant could very well deliver on all of its intimated majesty and wonder. On that note, the latest photo from the set hints at one of the film's fresh faces who will make his big screen debut in the celebrated sci-fi franchise come next summer.

In an official posting from the Alien Anthology Twitter account, potential viewers of Alien: Covenant can get their first glimpse of new cast member and notorious comedy actor Danny McBride (The Angry Birds Movie) with Scott in the cockpit of the forthcoming film's eponymous spaceship in the midst of a "Mission Briefing." There is little more to be gleaned in regards to what role McBride will fill (be it nefarious or otherwise) based purely on the content of the image, though any glimpse behind the scenes of Scott's latest franchise film is a very special treat for fans of the series.

You can check out the original posting from Twitter below:

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