Alien: Covenant - Rick & Morty Discover How to Survive Facehuggers

Adult Swim releases an Alien: Covenant crossover promo video in which Rick and Morty discover how to survive a facehugger attack.

Alien Covenant Rick and Morty Video Facehugger

A new Alien: Covenant crossover promo video features the title characters from Rick and Morty discovering how to survive a facehugger attack. The latest entry in 20th Century Fox's Alien franchise, kicked off by director Ridley Scott with the 1979 sci-fi/horror classic, hits theaters soon. Alien: Covenant serves as the direct sequel to 2012's Prometheus, which was a prequel to the original Alien series that included the 1979 film and its three sequels (as well as the two Alien vs. Predator crossover movies). As a sequel to Prometheus, Alien: Covenant picks up some time after the events of that film, following the crew of a colony ship called the Covenant that lands on a mysterious planet.

With a little less than a week left before Scott's new film hits theaters, Alien: Covenant reviews have surfaced indicating the movie may follow in Prometheus' footsteps by receiving mixed reactions. That said, early Alien: Covenant reactions praised the film for incorporating more of the original Alien's horror than Prometheus did. Now, a new promo clip for Alien: Covenant goes in a different direction entirely by bringing humor to Scott's typically horror-slanted franchise.

Adult Swim released a clip that's a crossover between the Cartoon Network programming block's beloved animated sci-fi comedy Rick and Morty and Alien: Covenant. Created by Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland, the Adult Swim series follows alcoholic mad scientist/genius Rick and his anxious teenage grandson Morty on adventures through the multiverse. Season 3 of Rick and Morty premiered as a surprise on April Fool's Day, though fans will have to wait until the summer for the rest of the episodes.

Alien Covenant Rick and Morty Video Facehugger

The above clip features Rick and Morty aboard one of the Engineers' ships - which were introduced in Prometheus - when Rick is attacked by a facehugger. However, he manages to survive the attack due to the amount of drugs and alcohol in his blood system, which kill the facehugger before it could kill Rick. As Rick says, “Somebody get a memo to all the characters in those Alien movies, stat." Of course, the Rick and Morty Alien: Covenant teaser doesn't offer any new information in terms of Scott's upcoming film, but it does provide a hilarious crossover between two pop culture properties that fans may not have expected to work so well together.

As for Alien: Covenant, fans won't have to wait much longer before the film opens in theaters and they'll get the chance to see Scott's latest for themselves. Although it was originally intended to be the middle installment in an Alien prequel trilogy, Scott recently revealed Alien: Covenant may receive two sequels, the first of which may not be titled Awakening as initially thought. Still, with Alien: Covenant set to hit theaters next week and its sequel reportedly aiming to start filming next summer, fans have plenty of facehuggers and xenomorphs to look forward to in the coming days and years.

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Source: Adult Swim

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