Alien: Covenant Trailer is Re-Cut in the Style of Prometheus

A new fan edit of the Alien: Covenant trailer presents the film in the style of trailers for Prometheus.

Prometheus Alien Covenant Connections

Back in 1979, director Ridley Scott presented the xenomorph to the world in the sci-fi/horror classic Alien. In addition to creating a legendary monster, Alien almost instantly vaulted star Sigourney Weaver to A-list status, and led to an enduring franchise that has so far spawned 5 official follow-ups and 2 Alien vs. Predator spin-offs. That said, the Alien franchise has certainly experienced its share of ups and downs creatively, ranging all the way from James Cameron's beloved effort Aliens to David Fincher's notoriously meddled with Alien 3.

Perhaps the most divisive entry in the Alien saga to date is the film that takes places the earliest in the chronology, 2012's Prometheus. Representing Scott's long-awaited return to the series he established, Prometheus was generally enjoyed by critics, but tended to split the franchise's fanbase. 2017 installment Alien: Covenant seeks to bridge the gap between Prometheus and the original Alien film, featuring the return of characters and concepts from the former, alongside the more horror-esque tone of the latter.

Earlier this week, FOX released the first full trailer for Covenant, which has garnered some mixed reactions of its own. Those who enjoyed Prometheus aren't exactly thrilled about how unlike that film Covenant's trailer seemed, while some Alien fans think that Covenant simply looks like a pseudo-remake of Scott's landmark original, and wonder what's the point of doing that. Of course, there are also plenty of folks who disliked Prometheus but love the Alien series in general, and thus think that getting back to what worked in the past is for the best. For those hoping for a little more Prometheus flavor in the Covenant mix, a fan has edited clips from Covenant's trailer to the soundtrack from Prometheus' trailers, and also quickened the overall pace of things. Check it out in full above.

Prometheus Alien Covenant Connections

While the audio used in the above fan edit also appeared in the full trailers for Prometheus, it's important to note that the above clip is much more equivalent to Prometheus' teaser, cutting out nearly a full minute of footage from the actual Covenant trailer. Still, it just goes to illustrate how much difference soundtrack and pacing make to the feel of a trailer, as this version definitely carries with it a much greater sense of urgency than did the official cut.

Editing Covenant's trailer like this also serves to highlight what the new film does have in common with Prometheus, a fact that is sure to please those disgruntled Prometheus fans who feel like they were promised a sequel to that film, and now aren't really getting one, with FOX opting to instead craft a sort of proto-Alien instead. Just like the official Covenant trailer though, this edit certainly won't please everybody, much like Prometheus itself.

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