Alien: Covenant Poster Highlights Michael Fassbender’s Walter

Michael Fassbender as Walter and Neomorph in Alien: Covenant

A new poster for Alien: Covenant has been revealed showing A.I. Walter and the iconic xenomorph. Michael Fassbender is set to play a major role in Ridley Scott's highly anticipated sequel/prequel as he portrays two different android characters; the Academy Award-nominated actor is set to reprise his standout role as the hyper-intelligent, human-like android David from Prometheus, but will also portray a modified version of David known as Walter.

Walter is expected to be a less "human" version of David who is mainly present to serve the Covenant ship and its crew members. David, meanwhile, will show up as one of the inhabitants of the planet that the crew visits in the film. The human characters will certainly have a major existential problem on their hands as they encounter the "neomorph" alien creatures, although a new international poster for Covenant implies that Fassbender's android characters will represent a similarly sinister threat.

As first reported by CBM, the new international poster for Alien: Covenant was revealed on Friday and highlights Fassbender as Walter, putting him side-by-side with a neomorph alien. The poster's tagline translates to "What will be the end of mankind?"

Alien Covenant Korean Poster with Xenomorph and Michael Fassbender

Fassbender's David developed more nefarious tendencies as the narrative of Prometheus progressed, and it appears that it will continue in some fashion with David and Walter in Covenant. The actor has spoken extensively about his dual android roles in recent interviews, specifically how much David has changed since Prometheus and, in contrast, how Walter differs from David - the newer robot has been stripped of the qualities that made David more human-like and, in turn, more dangerous.

For the new poster to ostensibly treat Fassbender's characters as equally dangerous is striking to say the least. Walter has also been described as more of a "straightforward robot" and a "servant without the ego," so it's unclear how he would suddenly become a danger to the very crew that he's serving. It's possible that David corrupts Walter in some fashion, presenting a whole new set of challenges for a crew that already has to deal with neomorphs on the attack.

Scott himself has teased that Alien: Covenant, which will open with a prologue depicting the creation of David, is going to tackle the big question of science vs. religion. These complex, emotionally resonant themes could go a long way in making the film more than just another Alien retread. With Scott behind the camera once again and Fassbender in control of two complicated characters, the talent involved should breed confidence that Alien: Covenant will be another memorable addition to the franchise.

Source: CBM

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