Alien: Covenant's Neomorph Gets a Funko Vinyl Figure

Alien: Covenant sees the announcement of an official movie tie-in Funko vinyl figure cast in the likeness of its Neomorph movie monster.

Alien: Covenant Neomorph Funko Figure

Fans of the the Ridley Scott directed science fiction franchise film Alien: Covenant and the wildly popular Funko vinyl figures celebrating pop cultural icons in film, television, and beyond will now be able to get their hands on a Neomorph toy based on the aforementioned motion picture. After becoming something of a hot commodity item among commercial consumers of mainstream entertainment at the multiplex, the ubiquitous Funko toys have seen exclusive releases based off of countless original movie and TV characters and franchise properties.

That being said, Alien: Covenant is sure to be no different, as Funko collectors will presumably jump at the opportunity to pick up one or two original figures based on the characters and creatures featured in Scott's latest franchise sequel. On that note, none other than the newly introduced movie monster called the Neomorph has officially been announced to receive its very own Funko figure.

Per an official listing from Funko, moviegoers who were thrilled by the introduction of the new insidious Neomorph creature from Alien: Covenant proper will soon be able to get their hands on an all-new figure to add to the company's existing line of tie-in toys starting in July. Including an adult Neomorph alongside its diminutive toddler progeny, fans of Scott's much anticipated return to the Alien franchise will likely jump at the opportunity to pick up the new Funko figure. Check out the official packaging and Funko figure below:

Alien: Covenant Neomorph Gets a Funko Figure

With fans and general audiences already lining up to see Alien: Covenant in theaters over the course of its opening weekend - with Thursday night preview ticket sales standing at $4.2 million - longtime fans of the feature franchise are in for what is an undoubtedly dark and brutal thrill ride. Serving to answer some of the questions left in viewers minds following the release of the 2012 summer blockbuster Prometheus, the new movie has seen fit to introduce an all-new movie monster in the form of the Neomorph - cue the impending release of an official Funko tie-in vinyl figure.

Funko collectors will likely want to be on the lookout for the Alien: Covenant movie tie-in Neomorph vinyl figure in the coming months, as its intimidating visage will go along nicely with the rest of the associated collection. As moviegoers begin to see Alien: Covenant for the first time in theaters over the course of the coming weeks, super-fans can take a piece of the action home with them by way of the officially announced Funko Neomorph figure later this summer.

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Source: Funko

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