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When Prometheus first hit theaters in 2012, many longtime Alien fans were disappointed by the film's lack of clear connections to the original Alien, as well as the almost complete and utter lack of Xenomorph appearances throughout. Many argued that the film just wasn't as scary as it should have been, or as profound as it wanted to be. Luckily, it looks like this year's Alien: Covenant may be more in line with what those fans had wanted, as director Ridley Scott returns the beloved sci-fi franchise back to its horrifying, gory roots.

Just in case the final moments of the final Alien: Covenant trailer hadn't already made it clear enough too, the film is certainly going to have its fair share of Xenomorphs throughout, along with a few unexpected variations on the original space monster. What still isn't quite clear, though, is how the new movie will address the events and revelations made in Prometheus, including and specifically, the Engineers.

What Scott has never been afraid of inserting into his films - most notably in 1982's Blade Runner - is the kinds of biblical themes about creation that has always appeared to fascinate him as a filmmaker. It only makes sense then that the newest poster for Alien: Covenant - released online by the film's official Twitter account today - play completely and utterly into those themes, as it provides the Xenomorph and Engineer version of the famous Paradise Lost painting. Check it out for yourself below:

Aside from just the obvious themes and parallels between the two stories, this poster acts as a direct callback to the original title for Alien: Covenant, when Ridley Scott announced back near the end of 2015 that the sequel would be titled Alien: Paradise Lost. The change led to a fair amount of confusion amongst the fandom at the time, but with most having forgotten about the original title at this point, the poster is a healthy reminder of some of the themes and story points fans can likely see explored in Covenant, in addition to plenty of shocking, bloody kill scenes.


Prometheus was pretty blatant with its biblical parallels - and while the film's ending had made it look like the sequel would pick up right where it left off, as David (Michael Fassbender) and Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace) continued to explore the planet and investigate the Engineers' race, it's well-known now that Scott and co. have chosen to go in a different direction. There have been plenty of fan theories, of course, about what David's plan may be in Covenant and the role the Engineers may or may not have in it also, but nothing has been confirmed as of yet.

In result, all fans can do is continue to speculate and wonder, as they prepare for Alien: Covenant to hit theaters in a few months - transporting them once again into the depths of a very unique kind of galactic hell, in the process.


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