Alien: Covenant Clip - A New Model of Michael Fassbender Android

Alien: Covenant - Michael Fassbender on piano

After a five-year hiatus, Alien: Covenant is primed to continue Ridley Scott's Alien prequel series that started with Prometheus. These films will fill in the gaps about who made the Xenomorph and why, striving to have a stronger connection to Scott's seminal 1979 horror classic than Prometheus did. Scott is already teasing a Covenant sequel that should begin filming at some point next year, so he obviously has high hopes for his latest work.

Most of the crew of the Prometheus were killed off but Michael Fassbender returns. Not only is the Oscar-nominee playing android David from Prometheus, he is handling dual roles as a new robot model, Walter. Whereas David traveled aboard the Prometheus, Walter arrives at a world that looks like paradise aboard the Covenant along with the rest of the colonization crew.

With both models of android running around, 20th Century Fox has unveiled a new promotional clip and website showcasing Walter, which was teased previously. The clip is similar to the video that introduced the David 8 model during the Prometheus viral campaign. The promo was directed by Luke Scott based on an idea by his father Ridley Scott and 3AM. Much of the video features the creation of the new android which is billed as, "the world’s most advanced synthetic companion, designed to help you achieve a better human experience." It then invites you to visit the fictional site which details Walter's features - such as cognitive processing and emotional intelligence.

Alien: Covenant - Michael Fassbender on piano

Near the end of the promo, there are some small disclaimer texts which say that a matchmaking interview and DNA screening is required and that Walter "imprints" on whoever he serves. The warning about genetic abnormalities is also pretty intriguing and seems to indicate there's some sort of medical requirement in order to purchase one. It also leaves us with the lingering question of just who on the crew of the Covenant Walter has imprinted on. The viral website also features a link which allows you to "reserve your Walter today" and syncs with your Facebook account, presumably to keep fans in the loop via additional viral material.

The video has a bit of a Westworld vibe to, it featuring a lot of white plastic looking material. It isn't the first time we've seen inside the androids, as the Alien franchise has given us a peek inside before, but it tends to be after they've been decapitated or torn apart by a Xenomorph. Fassbender himself was one of the shining pieces of the uneven Prometheus and looks like he'll be in fine form with Alien: Covenant.

Prometheus was visually stunning, but its story left quite a bit to be desired for some moviegoers. It seems that Ridley Scott and the rest of the creative team are working hard to correct the issues of that first film with Alien: Covenant, and hopefully they succeed and deliver another thrilling and horrifying installment in this long-running franchise. Scott intends to keep it going as long as possible, so ideally Covenant will be a massive hit.

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Alien: Covenant will arrive in theaters on May 19, 2017.

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