Alien: Covenant Images: First Official Look At Neomorphs and Engineers

Alien: Covenant Xenomorph and an Engineer in Prometheus

The newest batch of stills from Alien: Covenant give the first official look at the new neomorph alien creatures and the return of the Engineers. Ridley Scott is back in the director's chair with the latest installment in the Alien franchise, bridging the gap between the 1979 original and 2012's Prometheus, which deeply explored the Engineers and their role in the creation of the series' iconic monster.

Covenant is expected to take that baton and further explore the origins of the xenomorphs. In doing so, the film will also introduce a whole new beast, the neomorphs, which are something of a cousin to the alien beings that have long been instantly recognizable to sci-fi and horror fans. A new spread in the latest issue of Empire magazine (which recently unveiled its cover) contains some brand new still images from Alien: Covenant that provide the first glimpse at each of these key monsters.

AVP Galaxy has shared the new stills from inside the new issue of Empire magazine. The images reveal a mysterious location that appears to be the homeland of the Engineers, as well as a long-haired version of Michael Fassbender's David. Check the full spread at the link below.

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One of the more cryptic photos in the spread shows what appears to be an Engineer overseeing a horde of pods about to be dropped. But arguably the most intriguing image is that of the neomorph, a smaller, more pale iteration of H.R. Giger's classic xenomorph. The creature is shown from behind so it remains unknown how its face will appear, but the monster looks just as bloodthirsty as its more familiar relatives.

This is the most extensive coverage of Alien: Covenant yet for Empire, which has previously revealed several new images. While it remains unclear what kind of role that the Engineers will play in Covenant's narrative, it's now plainly obvious that their culture will show up in at least one sequence (although they may not be alive during the events of the film itself).

Alien: Covenant will want to avoid being an Alien retread if it wants to be truly memorable, but there's little reason to doubt that Scott can create another essential addition to the Alien franchise; based on these images, his propensity for spectacular visuals is working at full force.

Source: AVP Galaxy

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