Alien: Covenant Images Tease Some Bloody Beginnings

Carmen Ejogo in Alien Covenant

Following the divisive reception to 2012's Prometheus, director Ridley Scott is set to return to the Alien world he first helped create in 1979 with this year's Alien: Covenant. Billed as the second installment in the Prometheus prequel trilogy, the film is set to have more direct connections to the 1979 original film than the 2012 prequel did, and not just in its specific creatures and story. Covenant promises to be much more horrifying and tense than Prometheus ever was effectively bringing the Alien franchise back to its pure horror roots for the first time since, really, the original film.

Set to hit theaters in just a few short months, it's shaping up to be one of the most anticipated blockbuster films of 2017, just before the biggest and most competitive films are released in the middle of the summer season. 20th Century Fox has been working tirelessly to make sure the awareness and buzz surrounding the film isn't dying down any time before then.

This afternoon, the studio released a new batch of images from Alien: Covenant online (via, teasing some of the film's supporting cast members and a number of the bloody surprises that fans have to look forward to. Most of them are just moody, vague teases, rather than offering much new story info or plot details, but it is looking more and more like the team dynamic in Covenant will be noticeably more similar to the 1979 original than Prometheus. Take a look for yourself below:

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These new images come just a few hours ahead of a brand new sneak peek from Alien: Covenant that is set to make its debut during tonight's episode of Legion on FX. Both shows are produced by Fox, and considering Legion's freshman status, it makes sense for the studio to try and promote the two new titles simultaneously. Based on these images, the overall aesthetic and tone of Alien: Covenant is becoming more and more clear, as the film's universe moves away from the pristine look of Prometheus into the dirtier, more urban sci-fi aesthetic detailed in 1979's Alien.

While not much is known about what will be featured in the sneak peek tonight, speculates that it could feature a direct homage to the 1979 original, where all of the film's main crew members sit around a dinner table on the ship. Whether or not it'll feature the gory, horrifying surprise that the dinner table scene in the original film did will have to wait to be seen, but it would certainly make for an interesting Easter egg for fans more familiar with the franchise than others. That and it will, of course, just be yet another attempt on Scott and co.'s part to help link Covenant back to the film that started it all.

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Source: 20th Century Fox (via Alien-Covenant)

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