Alien: Covenant Teases Chest-Bursting Mayhem to Come

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Earlier this year, 20th Century Fox began its official marketing campaign for Logan by releasing a series of mysterious, yet intriguing (and, in that case, black and white) photos online through Twitter, teasing elements from the Wolverine/X-Men film and culminating with the movie's trailer debut. The strategy worked by most accounts, so it only makes sense that Fox is now repeating it for another one of the studio's franchise tentpoles slated to arrive in 2017 - namely, Alien: Covenant, the Ridley Scott-directed project that serves as both a sequel to the filmmaker's Prometheus and more of a straight-forward prequel to Scott's sci-fi/horror classic Alien than Prometheus was.

The Covenant images that have been released so far have banked heavily on fan nostalgia for the Alien franchise, with images of familiar H.R. Giger-style sets and production design, Covenant's star Katherine Waterston (Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them) channeling Sigourney Weaver's Ellen Ripley with her choice of attire and Scott on-set aside what was once known as the Space Jockey chair, now known post-Prometheus to be the pilot's chair from an Engineer spaceship. Fox's latest Covenant image release teases yet another classic aspect of the Alien series that its fans love: bloodshed.

Said image (posted to the Alien Anthology Twitter account) shows what appears to be the spaceship Covenant's med-room, in the aftermath of a mysterious bloody incident. The safe bet would be on this event involving an alien bursting out of its human host's chest, though there are other plausible explanations if Alien franchise installments past are any indication (see the infamous C-section sequence from Prometheus). Alien: Covenant introduces a new version of the Xenomorph that's been dubbed the "Neomorph" for now, so it's possible that this creature is capable of causing a different sort of bloody mayhem than its Xeno-predecessor and that this picture is but a small sample of that.

Alien: Covenant - Bloody Aftermath

This Covenant image, like those before it, was posted to Twitter accompanied by a mysterious series of numbers (224612072104) and fans have been actively trying to determine their significance. One theory is that these numbers, in some coded manner, are counting down to the online release of the Alien: Covenant trailer - something that will reportedly happen this weekend, just in time for Christmas. Fox showed the Covenant trailer to members of the press at an event earlier this month, along with footage from Logan and two other 2017 Fox releases (A Cure for Wellness and War for the Planet of the Apes) that only just premiered new trailers themselves. It seems reasonable to assume that Covenant will follow suit before the year is over, too.

The version of the Covenant trailer that Fox showed to the press this month is described as taking the same approach to selling the film as the images released online have - painting Covenant as being a thriller about space explorers battling nasty extraterrestrials that are out to kill them, with shades of both the original Alien and its first sequel, Aliens. This marketing throughline is further reflect through the simple tagline featured on Covenant's teaser poster ("Run"), with the end goal apparently being to assure those Aliens fans who were less-than-impressed by all the philosophizing that transpires in the more atmospheric Prometheus, that Covenant (much like the Neomorph) is another sort of beast altogether.

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Source: Alien Anthology

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