Alien: Covenant Easter Egg Hatches Creepy New Teaser

Several new TV spots for Alien: Covenant were released recently, under the titles RunPray, and Hide. Tonight during the National Basketball Championship Hide aired on TV, with a little something extra. A hashtag appeared near the end of the spot - #emohemekat. This hashtag lead to an Instagram account with one item -- a new trailer for Covenant that features a creepy rendition of John Denver's 'Take Me Home, Country Roads.'

When the movie hits theaters, it will explain some of what happened between Prometheus and Alien. There is a lot that needs to be explained. While one xenomorph burst from the body of an Engineer at the end of Prometheus, there is still not much known about where the xenomorphs come from and how the Engineers are tied to them. The fate of Elizabeth Shaw, the sole human survivor from Prometheus is also unknown -- though her ship and the android David who was with her have already been seen in a clip from Alien: Covenant.

A few things are already known about Covenant. The humans are a crew of 2,000, mostly couples, who are looking for a planet to live on and populate. They are accompanied by an android named Walter, who looks exactly like David. And the planet they end up on is the Engineer's home world. Where things will not go well for them.


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The beginning of the trailer almost looks like a travel ad. Various locations such as mountains and bodies of water on the alien planet are shown while Denver's famous tune plays in the background. Then the humans start exploring, and make a few shocking discoveries. They find bodies, and Elizabeth Shaw's dog tags from Weyland Corp. That's when things go terribly wrong. Both a face hugger and a full grown xenomorph attack different members of the crew, who desperately are trying to figure out what is happening.

The Alien movies are known for their high body counts. Ellen Ripley was the only survivor of the first film, and only small groups ever make it to the end of the movies. So far, there has always been at least one survivor. But there is something to keep in mind. In the earlier movies in the franchise, the xenomorphs were unknown to the human characters. So perhaps the biggest question about Alien: Covenant is whether or not anyone will survive to tell their tale. If there are any survivors, the odds seem against them ever finding their way home.

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