Alien: Covenant Colonist Certification Experience At #SDCC

To promote the home media release of Alien: Covenant, 20th Century Fox organized the Alien: Covenant Colonist Experience at their booth on the show floor at San Diego's Comic-Con International 2017. The story of the Ridley Scott's film - a followup to 2012's Prometheus - centered around the crew of the Covenant spacecraft carrying a number of people to colonize a new planet so humanity could live on. And SDCC attendees have the opportunity to see if they'd be fit to embark on a similar mission with Covenant Team Bravo.

At booth #3529, there is a setup of a Weyland-Yutani ship. As would-be colonist walk inside, they are greeted by a video message from a new android model called Adam. He informs the passengers they must take a "simple assessment test" to see if they are fit for the company's colonization program. The test is multi-faceted, with categories including focus under duress, mental stability, and reaction to distress. Adam assures everyone it will all be normal, but since this is the Alien universe, you know that is definitely not the case...

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Immediately after the instructions, a terrifying montage of some of the scariest moments from Covenant is flashed onscreen. The footage includes gory and horrifying deaths as the neomorph wipes out the characters in the movie and is incorporated into the experience as some kind of glitch in the system! Shortly after, attendees move to the next room, where there is another video message from Adam. He thanks participants for taking the test, informing that it was just a preliminary baseline. Adam then notes monitors are showing an increase in metabolic function, wondering if everything is all right with the passengers...

Sirens start to go off, indicating danger...

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On the screen, the word "Run" is projected in red font. But there's nowhere to run and we're trapped in a small room! After a short while, an actor portraying a crew member  starts banging on a door, crying for help from an unseen threat...

It's too late though. She is "killed" by an alien and blood splatters on the glass!

After the neomorph's terror is complete, the experience is over and everyone gets off the ship without any more deaths. We realize we're still at Comic-Con and all is well again.

As a bonus, there were free gifts handed out to participants and once the experience is complete, attendees received a set of six pin badges, a free rental coupon for Aliens on Vudu, and a $20 off gameplay coupon at Dave & Busters. Fans can pre-order the Covenant Blu-ray at Booth #4229 or #3529 and receive a free print. This was quite a unique and rewarding experience on the #SDCC show floor for one of the year's most unique and intriguing films.

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Alien: Covenant will be available on Blu-ray August 15, 2017.

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