Alien: Covenant Artist Reveals Concept Art for Unmade Alien Movie


Artist Carlo Huante has revealed concept art for an unmade Alien project. The Alien fanbase was thrilled when it was first announced Ridley Scott was returning to the franchise to make a prequel film in 2009. While the script Scott signed on for was originally a straightforward prequel titled Alien: Engineers, Prometheus eventually evolved into more of a spin-off with some ties to the first film.

While the movie was a success it proved divisive among fans, so the sequel Alien: Covenant became a hybrid between Prometheus and a more standard Alien sequel. Even then, the film proved to be a disappointment for many and underperformed at the box-office. The future of the series is now in question, especially following the merger between Fox and Disney. Disney isn’t known for making dark, R-rated sci-fi films, so it will be interesting to see what happens next.

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Now Prometheus concept artist Carlo Huante has posted new artwork to his Instagram (via AVP Galaxy) for an unmade Alien sequel. The art displays the classic H.R. Giger Xenomorph design, but mutated in bizarre and twisted ways. The artist didn’t reveal which movie the artwork was intended for, however. Says Huante:

“For a project that never got made, as in never got made. Obviously unsuccessful creatures that wouldn’t have functioned all that well which makes you wonder what these were for? Well all I can say is they were for a version of the storyline that never got made…so not for Covenant or Prometheus but for something else.”


The most obvious candidate for this unmade sequel would be Neill Blomkamp’s Alien 5. Blomkamp famously pitched Fox an alternate sequel that would have brought back Ripley, Hicks and Newt, and ignored the events of Alien 3 and Resurrection entirely. Outside of Blomkamp’s own artwork no concrete story details were ever released for this take, and the movie was canceled so it didn’t conflict with Scott’s prequels. There’s also a chance it was designed for Prometheus 2 before it morphed into Covenant, which would have depicted David’s (Michael Fassbender) monstrous experiments on the Engineer homeworld. Given Scott's aversion to using the classic Xenomorph design, however, it seems more likely this art was for Alien 5.


While the direction the next Alien movie takes hasn’t yet been decided, Scott has revealed he’d like to move the franchise away from the original beast and focus on A.I.s instead. He believes the Xenomorph creature has “run out,” and the series needs to evolve to something new to stay fresh. It remains to be seen if the producers of the next movie agree with his vision, and it’s doubtful longtime fans of the Alien series would like to see the iconic monster reduced to a cameo role - or cut out completely.

Update: Carlos Huante removed the images so link below is to his Instagram page.

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Source: Carlos Huante (Via AVP Galaxy)

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