Another Tease For Alien: Blackout Game?

Alien Blackout Logo Screen Rant

Fans have gotten another tease for the rumored Alien: Blackout video game. Alien dates back to 1979 when Ridley Scott first released his horror classic, but it looks as though another Alien project is coming down the pipeline soon.

Even though the next Alien video game is going by the name Alien: Blackout, it hasn't been confirmed just yet. Rumors about the next Alien game started when 20th Century Fox put a gaming trademark on the title Alien: Blackout, making it incredibly likely that this will be the name of the next game. The game was thought to be announced at The Game Awards 2018, but that ultimately didn't happen. Despite that disappointment, fans have been continually teased about an upcoming Alien project, which has gotten a handful of mysterious social media posts, followed by this latest teaser released online.

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This newest post from the official Alien Twitter account teases the inclusion of the character Amanda Ripley for a future Alien project. The teaser is short - only 28 seconds long - and shows a clip from the original Alien film before showing Amanda Ripley's name patch. This post also teases a direct connection to the 1979 Alien, with a secret that the crew from the Nostromo supposedly left behind. The account also released another shorter clip that asks the question: "Who is Amanda Ripley?". Both clips can be seen below:

While Alien: Blackout is likely the next video game fans will see, there seem to be other Alien projects coming soon as well. An Alien TV show has supposedly been picked up by an unnamed streaming service, although little other information has been made public about it. And, with 2019 marking the 40th anniversary of the original Alien, a documentary called Memory – The Origins Of Alien is also set to be released this year. As for the film side of the Alien franchise, it's still a big question whether the third film in Scott's prequel trilogy will be made or not.

Alien: Blackout hasn't even been officially announced, but a wide portion of the Alien fanbase believes the game could be a sequel to the 2014 title Alien: Isolation, which also featured Amanda Ripley. This most recent post is also intriguing since the final moments of the teaser say "Read. Play. Watch.," meaning Alien: Blackout could have a multi-media release with tie-in comic books, short films, etc. Details for Alien: Blackout are scarce right now, but more information for the project, and possibly an exact release date, will likely come out in the coming months.

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Source: Alien Anthology

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