There Is Reportedly No Script For Alien: Awakening

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Despite recent rumors stating otherwise, a new report suggests Alien: Awakening doesn’t have a script just yet. Sci-fi fans rejoiced when it was first announced Ridley Scott was returning to the Alien franchise back in 2009. Scott signed up to direct a prequel dubbed Alien: Engineers, which was set 30 years before the original. This draft found scientists visiting planet LV-426 and discovering the Engineers, humanoid aliens who created mankind.

Alien: Engineers was very much an Alien movie, featuring eggs, facehuggers and new variations on the classic Xenomorph design. The ending was also a direct tie-in to the original, but during development, Scott zeroed in on the mythology of the Engineers instead. The movie then became more of a spin-off than a direct sequel, eventually being retitled Prometheus. Prometheus was a success despite mixed reviews and fan reaction, but while Scott’s 2017 sequel Alien: Covenant featured the titular monster and other familiar tropes, the movie was a box office disappointment.

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Scott had big plans for Alien: Awakening, which would feature Michael Fassbender’s evil A.I. David continuing his experiments on a new planet. A recent article suggested John Logan had completed a script and it would see David being pursued by the vengeful Engineers and it would return to LV-426, but now a report from Birth.Movies.Death states no such screenplay exists.

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The article quotes a source close to the franchise who reveals that while things are happening behind-the-scenes on certain projects, there isn’t an Alien: Awakening script just yet. This isn’t a huge shock, because while Scott had a vision of where he wanted to take the saga, audiences appear to have rejected that path. It would still be great to see an ending to the David 8 saga, but given the lack of movement on the sequel, a reboot is more likely at this stage.

Given the recent success of Halloween and Linda Hamilton’s much-hyped return to the Terminator series, perhaps if the proposed third movie brought back Sigourney Weaver’s Ripley, it might be more appealing to the studio. It would reunite the star and director of the original, and bring Ripley and David face to face. That said, if Alien: Awakening is indeed another prequel, the timeline wouldn’t really work. An Alien TV series is said to be in the works and has been picked up by an unnamed streaming service, so that will likely be the next step for the franchise.

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Source: Birth.Movies.Death

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