The Xenomorph Attacks In Concept Art From Blomkamp's Alien 5

Alien Ripley and Newt

Now that it looks like Hollywood has canned Ridley Scott's Alien series, director Neill Blomkamp seems to be trying to reignite interest in his proposed Alien 5 with some ambitious new concept art of the titular Xenomorphs.

Way back when, Blomkamp planned to pick up the plot threads of James Cameron's lauded Aliens and create his own tangent away from the maligned Alien3 and Alien: Resurrection; however as the overlord of the franchise, Ridley Scott soon put a stop to Alien 5. Since then, Scott has tried to create his own expansive mythology by heading back to the start of the Xenomorphs with PrometheusAlien: Covenant, and hopes of even more movies. Unfortunately, the commercial and critical reception of Covenant failed to match expectations, leaving Scott's series teetering on a knife-edge.

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With Disney's acquisition of Fox and the reported cancelation of a Covenant sequel, Blomkamp has taken to Instagram to remind fans what could've been.

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In 2015, Blomkamp released a slew of potential concept art for Alien 5, but the latest images show the mouth-popping Xenomorphs back in action. Clearly sticking with the vibe of the first two movies and confined spaces, it shows one of the movie's characters trapped in close quarters with one of the murderous monsters. There is no indication on who the person is, but could it be Ellen Ripley herself? Blomkamp also shared a second image of a futuristic spaceship, suggesting that the Weyland-Yutani Corporation would once again be butting heads with the titular aliens.

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Hoping to retcon the controversial deaths of Newt and Hicks from Alien 3, Blomkamp created a 25-page treatment for how he imagined Alien 5 would work. Michael Biehn was tipped to return as Hicks, a big Hollywood name would presumably land the role of an older Newt, and of course, Sigourney Weaver would once again reprise her role as series stalwart Ripley. Avoiding the convoluted backstory that Scott's prequels have become known for, Blomkamp was supposed to offer an action-packed affair with homages to its predecessors while also pushing the franchise forward.

With Blomkamp's concept art gathering thousands of likes and shares in the few hours since he posted the images, it shows just how much fandom is willing to accept that Alien 5 could be the way to move forward with those face-hugging foes. Unfortunately, while Scott seemed to become lost in his own mythology, it looks like Blomkamp wanted to adopt the back to basics approach which made 1979's original and Aliens so popular in the horror/sci-fi genre. It is hard not to get excited at the possibility of continuing from where Cameron left off in 1986.

Ultimately, it could be now or never for the Xenomorphs, and while the franchise will never stay dead forever, Alien could be on the cusp of disappearing for a very long time unless someone acts fast. There are already questions about how/if the likes of Alien and Predator can survive over at Disney, but Blomkamp's recent flurry of Alien-related activity shows that he is still very much ready to tackle Alien 5. Given that the bare bones of the movie already exist thanks to his treatment - and that fans seem so open to the idea - it makes sense that someone hands the reins over to Blomkamp to take us back to LV-426 all over again.

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