New 'Alice In Wonderland' & 'Cop Out' Clips

Continuing our Screen Rant "Lifestyle of Convenience Initiative" today we have clips from both Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland and Kevin Smith's cop/buddy comedy, Cop Out.

If you need some quick background on the two films: Alice In Wonderland is a sequel/re-imagining in which Alice (Mia Wasikowska), now a teenage girl, is thrust back into Wonderland with no memory of her prior visit and tasked with saving the lunatic realm from the evil Red Queen (Helena Bonham Carter). Cop Out stars Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan as two odd-couple cops who go looking for a stolen baseball card and end up in a whole lot of NYC-inspired mess.

We'll do Alice In Wonderland first: In this latest clip, Alice eats one of those "pills that makes you larger" which Jefferson Airplane sang so famously about and literally gets too big for her britches.

Check it out, courtesy of Myspace:


Next up we have seven clips for Cop Out, courtesy of Collider. Want to know what all is in the clips? I'll toss you a simple math equation: there are seven clips and I laughed three times. Yikes.

See how many laughs you get out of them:

Wonderland I'm excited for (no choice, really, my GF says I have to be) - although I'm not really digging how they're touting it as being in 3D. The movie was converted to 3D after it was done filming, so those expecting the Avatar experience may end up feeling cheated.

As for Cop Out? I keep hoping against hope that somehow this movie is going to be funnier than it looks. I love Kevin Smith, Bruce Willis, Tracy Morgan and a lot of the supporting cast featured in these clips - but my capacity for denial of the obvious only goes so far. Still, I'll hold on to hope and keep telling myself that this movie looks good, I guess...

Cop Out will be in theaters on February 26th.

Alice In Wonderland will be in theaters on March 5th

Sources: Myspace & Collider

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