Alias Reboot: Series Writers Confirm 'Talks' With J.J. Abrams

It's been over 10 years since J.J. Abrams' hit thriller TV drama Alias ended, but one of the show's original producers comments on whether the series may return or be rebooted. Fans of the long-running series have been clamoring for more adventures for CIA agent Sydney Bristow (played by Jennifer Garner). When the series last left Sydney, she was preparing to live a happy life with her husband Michael Vaughn (played by Michael Vartan) and their young daughter Isabelle (Julia Di Angelo). Isabelle had exhibited extraordinary abilities that would make her a prime candidate for the CIA program that Sydney went through.

The return of the show has been teased in the past, but with several of the cast members and producers having moved on to different ventures, there hasn't been any legitimate traction. That changed this week, as some of the important individuals behind the show made it clear that it's an idea that had been discussed in some capacity.

Courtesy of EWthe Alias writers held a reunion at the ATX Television Festival in Austin, Texas. When asked about a potential series revival, co-executive producer Josh Applebaum gave an answer that amounted to "never say never." He said:

“It would be amazing to do it; we’ve even talked with J.J. The right idea would have to come. We wouldn’t want to do it unless it was absolutely perfect.”

Sydney and Vaughn on Alias

However, a lot has changed for the creative team of the series over the span of a decade. Garner became a household name during the span of the series, earning four Emmy nominations for her breakout performance. In today's Hollywood, she may only be the fourth most famous person to come from the show.

Abrams has gone on to direct films in the Star Wars, Star Trekand Mission: Impossible franchises, along with serving as the showrunner for Lost and FringeComposer Michael Giacchino has worked with Abrams on a number of projects and has become one of the most in-demand musical supervisors in the film industry. Supporting actor Bradley Cooper has become an A-list movie star, earning four Oscar nominations and landing starring roles in blockbusters like Guardians of the Galaxy and The Hangover.

Even if the reboot attempts gain traction, it may be very difficult to get all of these key players involved. Many of their careers have moved beyond network television, even if the show they were involved in was critically beloved and a ratings hit. One of the biggest trends in modern TV is the nostalgia revival, however, as popular old shows like Will & GraceArrested Development and Twin Peaks have found new life.

Alias' tone and spy subject matter has been filled on modern television by shows like The Americans and Quantico. Still, the show is a pretty perfect candidate for some sort of resurrection, whether it be in full-blown series form or some alternative format like a miniseries or TV movie. Keep checking Screen Rant for more information on the potential Alias revival.

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Source: EW

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