Alex Proyas Adapting Robert A. Heinlein's 'Unpleasant Profession of Jonathan Hoag'

To say that Alex Proyas’ inability to produce both Paradise Lost - which was scrapped by Warner Bros due to budgetary concerns - and Dracula Year Zero – also scrapped and then revived by Universal - was an unpleasant experience would be a vast understatement.

Still, the drawbacks will not stop Proyas from helming another film, and now the director of films such as Knowing, Dark City and I, Robot is indeed lining up a new project. Deadline reports that Proyas will write and direct an adaptation of Robert A. Heinlein’s The Unpleasant Profession of Jonathan Hoag.

The film will follow the title character, who has no recollection of what he does for a day job. Troubled over his memory loss, and concerned that he partakes in some reprehensible activities, he contacts a husband and wife detective agency and asks them to covertly follow him. But as they go deeper into the rabbit hole, they begin to unravel Hoag’s dark and twisted past, and they soon find themselves tangled with a mysterious group who request that the couple cease their search or end up in a world of hurt.

Sounds like an interesting premise, and considering that the film is right in Proyas’ wheelhouse, this should make for a really fun but dark film. The fact that the movie is about a man who is struggling to recall his past sounds vaguely similar to the premise of Dark City.

Seeing that both Paradise Lost and Dracula Year Zero got scrapped by their respective studios, it's great to see that Proyas is getting some work. Hopefully The Unpleasant Profession is just enough to revive Paradise Lost.

Scheduling for The Unpleasant Profession of Jonathan Hoag is expected to begin early this fall in Australia, but there is no projected release date as of yet.

Sourece: Deadline

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