Alex Proyas' Thoughts on 'The Crow' & 'Dracula: Year Zero'

Concerning The Crow, someone had to finally ask what Alex Proyas thinks of a remake. With Stephen Norrington already signed to write and direct the reboot, which apparently isn't going to be "gloriously gothic or stylized," someone had to ask the original director what he thought. sat down with Proyas for a Knowing interview and ask about the recent announcement. He had this to say:

"I think it's kind of premature, really... It's seems like 'The Crow' is only like 15 years old maybe. It's seems, early. (laughs) I always thought that remakes, you shouldn't be given license to remake something for at least 25 years. I don't know. It just seems kind of odd to me. Just re-release the original movie."

Screen Rant is with you, Alex! We've about had it with Hollywood's new infatuation with the terms "remake" and "reboot." Ever since Tinsel town struck gold with Batman's suit (sans-nipples), all we've been getting is regurgitated and half-thought-out flicks. Some original source materials are butchered so badly they deserve to be remade, but cult classics don't need to be.

The Dark City and I, Robot director has a number of projects in the works, including Dracula: Year Zero and The Unpleasant Profession of Johnathan Hoag.

Year Zero is a "prequel of Bram Stroker's 'Dracula'.. that's essentially a medieval epic." In terms of casting, he was slim with the details but he did say "it may be someone a little younger than we've seen." He also noted it won't be like other Dracula movies, "it's really about the birth of the legend. So it's set in 13th Century Transylvania." Because it's still early in production, he didn't have much else to say.

And finally, Johnathan Hoag is  "just starting" with his first draft of the script. It'll be some time before we hear anything about that one.

Knowing is out March 20, 2009 and stars Nic Cage.


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