Alex Proyas Next Film Probably 'Dracula Year Zero'

According to, Alex Proyas said that his next film may be Dracula Year Zero.  This news is based on the fact that the script is completed, and an original take on Bram Stoker's Dracula.

SciFiwire reports:

"We're still trying to resolve budget and casting and all the stuff that you need to get through before a project becomes real," Proyas (Knowing) said in an exclusive interview on Monday. "But the script is at a very good place and I think has a very unique take on the Dracula story."

The film is set to revive the original tale of vampire lore, which is already quite popular due to the Twilight series of books and now films. The script is supposedly a very modern take on the dated Bram Stoker novel. The last time I heard something was a modern take on Dracula was Blade, and although I loved the trilogy I like to hope this film has more to it than something like a day walking vampire.

Proyas goes on to say that the script is an original telling of the origins of Dracula. From what has been mentioned previously about this film, it almost sounds like it may be a prequel to the Dracula legend.

If I recall correctly, hasn't this already been attempted in Francis Ford-Coppola's Bram Stoker's Dracula where they explain the origins of Dracula? I guess if it really is original, bring it on, but I really do not want to be disappointed by another poorly told film about such an epic character.

It seems like an interesting choice for Proyas's next film, but I'm not sure what the movie industry needs is another vampire film -  especially one about Dracula.  Are there any ideas out there that are remotely original anymore?

Alex Proyas definitely has some directing chops, and if he can make this anywhere near as creepy as Dark City it may turn out pretty well.

Source: SciFiWire

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