Alex Proyas Onboard For Sci-Fi Movie 'AMP'

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Hollywood is generally pessimistic when it comes to the future and tends to exaggerate how technology is likely to evolve in the 21st century (where are the Back to the Future-inspired hoverboards???). If there's any truth to the sci-fi tale AMP, then at least we can become cybernetic entities sometime during the upcoming years.

Summit Entertainment has purchased the rights to AMP, a work-in-progress from author Daniel H. Wilson. Alex Proyas (The Crow, Dark City) will produce the project and could settle into the director's chair as well.

Wilson's other futuristic sci-fi tale, Robopocalypse, was picked up by Disney's Touchstone and will be brought to the big screen under the direction of one Steven Spielberg. Deadline reports that AMP is currently being written by Wilson, who will hand over the work one piece at a time to a not-yet-designated screenwriter. That might seem like an unorthodox approach, but it apparently worked well enough for Robopocalypse (and, interestingly enough, is similar to how Stanley Kubrick and Arthur C. Clarke collaborated on 2001: A Space Odyssey).

AMP takes place in the near-future (where technology has been developed to allow the disabled to become "supermen") and has been described as "a mix of sci-fi action and political allegory reminiscent of 'District 9'." Like that alien pic, AMP will be a relatively low-budget affair and is going to be shot overseas - this time in Australia, under Proyas' Mystery Clock Cinema banner.

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Proyas has a couple of other projects on his slate besides AMP - specifically, the horror origin pic Dracula: Year Zero and a film adaptation of John Milton's epic poem, Paradise Lost. Progress has been slow on those latter two projects, so it's entirely possible that AMP's script will be polished off and ready for shooting first - which might encourage Proyas to make it his next directorial effort.

The last movie with Proyas at the helm was the Nicolas Cage flick Knowing, which moviegoers generally seem to either enjoy or dismiss as a ludicrous bit of sci-fi nonsense. AMP has an intriguing premise and the mix of allegory with action tends to work well in movies that involve cyborgs or other technologically-enhanced beings - so we're up for seeing Proyas tread in cinematic territory that's more similar to his Dark City, and less reminiscent of  I, Robot (regardless of your feelings about that film, there's no denying it had little to do with Isaac Asimov's thinking-man sci-fi source material).

Does AMP sound interesting to you? Would you like to see Proyas at the helm? Be sure to let us know in the comments section below.

Source: Deadline

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