Has Alex Garland Written The Script For Judge Dredd?

Another film version of Judge Dredd has been kicking about the infamous development hell for about half a decade or so. In December of last year we got news that Danny Boyle's (Slumdog Millionaire) DNA production shingle was going to be bringing a new Judge Dredd to the big screen.

Now we have news from the film's illustrator and comic book artist "Jock" that screenwriter and novelist Alex Garland (The Beach, 28 Days Later and Sunshine) has penned the script.

In Janurary we reported that Jock had delivered some concept art for the film but at that point there was no script. Slash Film has been following Jock's Tweets and yesterday he apparently tweeted:

"working through script visuals for Judge Dredd movie. Alex Garland writes a great script."

This would seem to imply that Garland has either completed scripting duties on the film or at the very least written portions of the film that can be matched with images.

However, it would now appear that Jock has removed the above mentioned post from his Twitter page. Has he had a telling off from the powers that be at DNA films? Or did Jock make a mistake with his post?

I have a gut feeling that it's the former.

He did however Tweet:

"it's nothing to do with the Stallone flick from the nineties."

While it isn't at all surprising that this new Judge Dredd has no relation to the 1995 Sylvester Stallone film, it does show that the project is chugging along the production tracks. If there is a script, and a concept artist, then the film is likely on its way to a cinema near you. That is, if there are no problems along the line.

Judge Dredd currently has no director or cast attached yet, Although it is curious to note that Garland has not written a film that wasn't directed by Danny Boyle.

More on Judge Dredd when we get it.

Source: Slash Film and Jock

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