Jim Carrey & Eli Roth Teaming Up for Aleister Arcane Comic Movie

Jim Carrey and Eli Roth are making Aleister Arcane at DreamWorks

Though he's mostly known for comedy, Jim Carrey has occasionally branched out into other genres as well. He's taken on more dramatic fare like The Truman Show and The Majestic, thrillers like The Number 23 and even action in Kick-Ass 2. One genre Carrey has never tried out, though, is horror (unless you count the vampire comedy Once Bitten).

It looks like Carrey's lack of horror credentials is about to change, however. In addition to starring in the upcoming horror film The Bad Batch, the actor is teaming up with director Eli Roth to bring Steve Niles' 2004 horror comic Aleister Arcane to the big screen for DreamWorks.

THR is reporting the film will see Carrey take on the role of Aleister Green, a Los Angeles weatherman who returns to his hometown and takes a role on late-night TV as the host of a horror show. Adopting the mad scientist persona of "Aleister Arcane," he would perform gory skits on the show that eventually lost him sponsors. He was eventually put on trial due to an incident with two kids, breaking his spirit and sending him to an early grave. When grisly incidents begin occurring around the town, the local kids think it's a curse that Arcane put on the town and they are the only ones who can break it.

Jim Carrey in The Number 23

This is actually the second time that Aleister Arcane has been optioned for a film. Paramount sought to adapt the comic after it was published in 2004, but the project never got off the ground and the rights eventually lapsed. A release date hasn't been set for Aleister Arcane yet, and it remains to be seen whether this film or Roth's recently-announced Death Wish remake with Bruce Willis will get off the ground first.

It will be interesting to see how the film plays out, especially with Roth in the director's chair. Reading through a summary of the plot makes it sound either like a Goosebumps-style movie featuring kids teaming up to save the day, or a Nightmare on Elm Street-style supernatural horror film. The latter seems more in tune with Roth's filmmaking style, but the Aleister Arcane comic was much more of a "creepy but fun" affair. If Roth and Carrey do an adaptation that's close to the feel of the comics, we can expect something that definitely has some creepiness to it but doesn't travel very far into the gore and shock that Roth's name is often associated with.

Of course, if they do keep the film close to the comic then some fans of Roth's older works might not like it as much. It's easy to envision this as a PG-13 project, since Aleister Arcane was much more toned down than other Niles works such as 30 Days of Night. Still, the comic had a fairly solid story to it and should give Roth and Carrey plenty to work with in their adaptation.

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Aleister Arcane does not yet have a release date, but Screen Rant will keep you updated as more news about the film becomes available.

Source: THR

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