15 Steamy Photos Of Alaskan Bush People You Need To See

If you think the cast of Alaskan Bush People are unattractive forest men, then you haven’t seen them shirtless. Discovery Channel’s Alaskan Bush People follows the lives of the Brown family and their homestead survival.

The premise focuses on their challenge of trying to live life in the wilderness with limited connections to the outside world, celebrating the Alaskan bush life.

However, it’s debatable to what degree the show is scripted, and the family was were under scrutiny for taking permanent funds from Alaska and not living in the state for more than 180 days, according to CNN.

Despite this, the show has developed a following. Part of it has to do with the bush lifestyle in Alaska and the Brown family’s story, while the other half is due to the eye-candy of the Brown brothers.

One thing’s for certain, the Brown family members are smoking-hot. You can’t fake Gabe’s lumberjack arms or Matt’s flawless face. The brothers might as well make an Alaskan Bush People calendar.

In the last season, the Brown family’s matriarch, Ami, was battling lung cancer and underwent chemotherapy, leaving fans wondering if there’s another season. It’s been reported that Ami Brown is recovering and Discovery confirmed that an eighth season is underway.

With that said, here are 15 Steamy Photos of Alaskan Bush People You Need To See!

15. Karryna Kauffman

There are some other cast members of Alaskan Bush People who caught the attention of the show's viewers. For example, Karryna Kauffman, Noah's brief date, certainly caught our attention.

Kauffman’s selfie shows off her prime physique, and she looks amazing. It’s no wonder that Noah had an interest in her. In the series, she saw Noah for a while. Ami, the matriarch of the family, hopes that all of her children would find a suitable partner in the future.

However, there are rumors that Kauffman is an actress and that their relationships might have been staged to boost ratings. On her IMDb profile, Kauffman is stated as an actress.

Before she met Noah, she participated in Miss California and a few movie and TV roles. It wouldn't be a surprise if Alaskan Bush People was another one of her acting gigs. However, despite the show being scripted, there are some things on screen that we hope aren't faked.

14. Gabe Brown’s Biceps

The  producers of Alaskan Bush People have a number of photos of the lovely Gabe Brown flexing his muscles as part of a promotional piece for the show.

Compared to his brothers, Gabe is the heavy lifter of the family. He carries the deer and the bulk of lumber, and most fan girls wouldn’t mind if he did this all day long.

There are more images of Gabe in sleeveless shirts, exposing those lovely brachial muscles for the rest of the fan girls to drool over. As one of the members of the family, Gabe is often seen doing the physical labor, whether that be shooting deer or chopping up wood.

He’s a bit of dork when it comes to the ladies, though, but whenever the show posts a photo of Gabe on social media, expect the fan girls in droves.

13. Matt Brown

✌️ #TBT #AlaskanBushPeople

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Matt, the energetic member of the family, often has something crazy cooking up, as he is always improvising and coming up with new ideas. While he appears extroverted and playful, he makes survival a learning process so that viewers can join in the fun. Matt brings the extra energy just like Noah, which makes the family's survival look far less brutal than it is.

While he’s not as calculative as Bam (Joshua), Matt is definitely one heck of a hottie, especially shirtless. The photo was taken during an episode when the family was in need of fish.

The Brown family uses the fishing boat as means of transportation, but it’s also a good reason for the Brown brothers to go swimming in their trunks, just so viewers can see their sculpted abs. During the season, they did manage to pull through and fulfill their fishing quota.

12. Karryna's Flawless Makeup

Unfortunately, things didn’t work out with Noah and Kauffman, and the date turned out in no one’s favor. At the end, Kauffman kept it as polite as possible, saying that Noah was an interesting and unique person and.

The whole episode was heartbreaking. Noah showed her a former chicken coop while he sang about his first break up, and it quickly became clear that Kauffman wasn’t interested in him.

It made perfect sense after looking at this photo above since Kauffman seems far out of his league. As an actress, it became clear that there wouldn’t be an open communication as they are two entirely different people. Though it didn't last long, hopefully both Noah and Kauffman can go on to bigger and brighter things.

11. Joshua Brown (Bam Bam)

The second eldest member of the family is the de-facto head whenever Billy is not present. As the second in command, he’s the thinker and bears the responsibility of a leader.

Joshua (or Bam Bam) leads the family and appears closed off compared to the family members. However, he performs his duties under pressure, acknowledging his sibling's weaknesses and strengths like any other family head would. Unfortunately, he can be hard on his brothers at times. Matt is the oldest one, but Joshua takes the role of the head family.

While he appears serious, Bam Bam is more good looking than he lets on. Bam Bam likes to show off his muscles and tattoo often. For those who are into the long-haired mullet, Bam is quite the hottie. There are plenty of pictures of him on here, and he’s quite the poser when he’s aware that someone is taking photos of him.

10. Reasons Why Karryna Is Fabulous

If you weren't convinced by the other photos of Kauffman, then this is just more proof that Kauffman is fabulous and incredibly attractive. This is another profile picture of the actress.

The photo was posted on Facebook around early January, months before the episode she appeared in aired. Her social media profile state that she is allegedly married and has a family now.

Although things didn't work out with Noah and Kauffman, at least they did find their happy endings. While Kauffman is with her husband, Noah found another girlfriend earlier this year, and there are reports of Rachel wearing a gold band on her left hand, so things are looking pretty serious.

Noah isn't the only Bush brother that is looking for love, though. Bam Bam is currently in a relationship with Alison, one of the crew members of the show.

9. Gabe in the Wilderness

It's impossible to find an image where Gabe is not looking flawless and like a hunky woodsman. He stands on top of the hill carrying an ax with him like Paul Bunyan getting ready to chop down some trees and prep the fireplace for a nice, soothing evening.

No one can get past his amazing sideburns or his intense gaze. This is yet another promotional photo that Gabe did for the show. The series’ Alaskan brother carries an ax, and we’re hoping that he could whisk us away in the Alaskan wilderness.

He did try to impress a few ladies in one episode, when he was shown going on a date. We're not sure if it worked out, but it would probably work on more than a few fans.

8. Group Photo (It’s Raining Men)

Brown Brothers #AlaskanBushPeople

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If one man isn’t enough, imagine a group photo of the Brown brothers exposing their strong arms in the middle of the forest. Fans can take their pick on which brother they prefer. Noah looks swell in his full black outfit, looking cool in his black shirt and leather gloves. The roundtable is where the Brown members gather to discuss their next plans.

The family gathering is also am important places to discuss upcoming events, as it is also the place where the family makes a lot of major decisions. Some fans have commented, stating that they wouldn't mind living with them, even if it was the middle of nowhere.

However, the members don't always get along and there is a lot of rivalry among the brothers. In the show, the brothers often quarrel over tasks and have various ways of settling their opinions. At the end of the day, though, they reconcile when the family needs them.

7. Adorable Bird

Happy birthday to a real chick magnet 😉🐣

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Gabe is your lumberjack, but even this bulky man is gentle enough to hug a baby chick in his hands. This Instagram photo provides a throwback to the time when Gabe held a little baby bird.

The photo is a special shout out, wishing him a happy birthday. The cute tagline pretty much sums up Gabe. He is one chick magnet who has actually attracted a large fan following.

We wouldn't mind seeing more of Gabe with more small baby animals. Though he's often shown as a strong man, favoring brawn over sensitivity, this photo shows that there is a much softer side to him, so it's no surprise that many fans have gushed over this photo.

However, one fan jokingly pointed out that the bird was later killed for food. They are trying to survive in the wilderness after all.

6. At The Boat

Capt Gabe! 😍😉 #mcm

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Captain Gabe can drive any boat and the fans will swoon. Gabe isn’t just a forest person, but a master of ships and the sea as well. Is there anything that needs to be said about his appearance other than the fact that he could be Hugh Jackman’s stand-in should Jackman ever return to his role as Wolverine? That sleeveless red flannel frames his large arms and he’s definitely getting a lot of attention for it.

Some of the fan girls have even set their sights on Alaska and plan move there thanks to Gabe. There were some crazy fans sending Gabe wedding ring emojis proposing to the Alaskan Bush People brothers.

It’s almost like we’re looking at a vintage 1980’s boat commercial in Alaska, the photo looks so natural. Gabe has worn the shirt a few times in the show during his seafaring voyages in town.

5. Joshua Takes a Photo

Bam Bam is often on screen, but it is rare to see him with a camera in his hand or taking a photo of himself. In fact, this is probably the first time he’s shown shirtless while on Alaskan Bush People.

Joshua showed his ripped abs before he became a reality star in some of his earlier YouTube videos, but this is the first time since he's become a star.

Without his long hair, he’s quite the looker and looks great in his long jacket. His brothers aren't afraid to show off their muscles, but Bam Bam is far more subtle and timid, choosing not to reveal himself to much.

It's nice to know that there is a side of him like this though, as we're sure that many fan girls are swooning over him.

4. Mast Pull-ups

Many fans instantly fell in love with images of the Brown brothers working out around their homestead and around the town. Bam Bam happens to set the bar high when it comes to his intense workout routine-- he puts his other brothers to shame with pull-ups.

Considering the fact that they live in the wilderness and right beside the seaside, there’s no doubt that the Brown brothers are expert fishermen. When not fishing, they often man the ship sails in case the wind direction changes in order to steer themselves back on course.

This is probably a good excuse to do a few pull ups in the middle of the boat so that other folks, especially the ladies, can see what Alaskan men do in their spare time and how they stay fit.

3. Valentine Greeting Card

What better way to celebrate Valentine's Day than with a special greeting card that has the Alaskan Bush People brothers posing as they work out and string things up.

Seriously, if the Alaskan Bush People Calendar is out of the question, Discovery Channel should promote the show with Valentines Day greeting cards. Bear enjoys going to the extreme and it’s not a surprise, since he is quite the explorer.

Bear doesn't mind taking risks, which can be seen in this image, where he is extremely high up in the air. The greeting card is cheesy, but it shows off his strength.

Bear Brown climbs up to the top of what appears to be a zipline. The photo shows off Bear’s athletic side.

2. Joshua Brown And His Girlfriend

Joshua and his girlfriend have both been seen together in New Orleans before the upcoming eighth season. Despite their newfound relationship, Noah appears to be returning again for this season.

With Ami slowly recovering from her battle with lung cancer, the Brown family is likely going to have to face multiple challenges along the way. This time they are heading off to Colorado.

Whether or not Noah's girlfriend will join the family remains unclear considering Allison's position and involvement with the show. Before she got together with Noah, Allison was one of the show's producers.

Currently, Bam Bam and Allison have been together for one year. While fans are disappointed that Noah and Bam Bam have found love, there's a good chance that we might see them again in season eight.

1. Bam Sleeping

We should be thanking whoever took this photo of Bam Bam snoozing. Joshua makes it clear that he’s definitely Brown’s hottest brother. Fans can admire how calm and peaceful Joshua looks here. Fans still miss Bam Bam after his departure, as viewers haven't been able to see much of him on the show.

Off camera, though, Bam Bam is enjoying his life with his girlfriend and the Brown family is happy for him. He has distanced himself from the public as well as the show.

The same goes for Noah and his girlfriend. Some of the wolves have left the den, and while they are far away, they are still family. The Bush family members are finding love and new challenges, but where ever they go they'll always be a wolf pack.


Can you think of any other Alaska Bush People pictures that fans need to see? Let us know in the comments!

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