Alan Wake 2 Was In Development But Was Scrapped

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Remedy Games recently revealed that it had plans to create a sequel to Alan Wake, but it just didn't work out for the studio. The initial Alan Wake game released on the Xbox 360 in 2010. The action-adventure game put players in the shoes of the title character, Alan Wake, a best-selling thriller author whose wife went missing during a vacation in the fictional town of Bright Falls.

The game played out almost like a thriller TV series, with episodes ending with plot twists. Its style, story and gameplay captured the imaginations of players and critics, which led many to assume that Remedy would eventually release a sequel to the story. The developer certainly seemed interested in a sequel: when it released Quantum Break for the Xbox One, players quickly discovered that the title seemed to be set in the same universe as Alan Wake, thanks to a series of Easter eggs revealed during the game. There was even an interaction with a TV that launched footage of a video with the title "Alan Wake's Return. Not only that, but Remedy revealed recently that it explicitly wanted to create an Alan Wake sequel, making it very clear how the studio felt about the cult classic hit.

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In an interview with VG 24/7, Thomas Puha, director of communications at Remedy Games, spoke about how the developer had worked on an Alan Wake sequel. Puha lamented the fact that things ultimately hadn't worked out the way the studio wanted when it came to Alan Wake 2, and then suggested if it was going to happen, it would have to wait, as the studio was busy for the next few years at least:

We were working on Alan Wake 2 years ago and it just didn’t pan out, so there’s nothing – we’re just booked solid for the next couple of years, really. We do own the Alan Wake IP, but it’s never quite as simple as that, but yeah, we do own it.

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In the end, it seemed that an Alan Wake sequel was likely asking too much of Remedy, who is currently focused on its latest title, Control, which the studio announced in 2018. Much like Alan Wake, Control is an action-adventure game that puts players in the role of a character who has supernatural abilities: gameplay revolves around the use of those skills. Remedy also has a few other games in the works, including a team working on Crossfire and an additional as-of-yet unnamed game.

Although the developer seems interested in continuing the story it began in Alan Wake, it currently does not seem to have the time and resources available to make that happen. It's a reminder that even if a studio is passionate about making a sequel to a well received game, there are a lot of factors at play that can prevent it from happening, and Remedy's high demand in the industry is likely limiting the amount of time it has to pursue all the projects it would like to. Alan Wake sounds like its still a priority for Remedy, but with so many projects on the go, even a high priority could take years to begin developing.

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Source: VG 24/7

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