Alamo Drafthouse Responds to AMC's Texting in Theaters

Traditional theatergoing experiences have changed, as everything does, over the years. From the expansion of the concession stand to 4D technology, watching movies has changed mostly for the better. But now, moviegoers might be looking at a future in which guests are allowed to text freely in theaters -- or, at least, at AMC theaters -- and not everyone is open to this change.

Soon after news broke that AMC theaters is considering the possibility of allowing texting in theaters during movies, popular theater chain Alamo Drafthouse (known for its unique, high-standard viewing experiences and strict 'no texting, no talking' guidelines) released a response to the idea, shutting down the arguments of AMC and reprimanding the theater chain for using a disrespectful generalization of millennials as their reasoning.

Alamo Drafthouse founder and CEO Tim League penned the response to the potential experiment, highlighting the Drafthouse's commitment to the moviegoing experience and those who create films, before citing that the problem doesn't center on one group of adults, but rather 68 percent of the adult population. Read the full letter below:

Alamo Drafthouse Don't Talk or Text
Alamo Drafthouse Hardcore Henry PSA

The Alamo Drafthouse is known for its immersive theatergoing experiences, which include drinks (alcholic and otherwise), plush seating, and multi-course meals that are prepared from scratch before being discreetly delivered to your seat. The chain has grown rapidly over the past few years, with a new location opening in Downtown LA soon. In lieu of talking during their standard films, the chain even offers "Quote-Along" screenings, where that one friend of yours who repeats every line during a film can finally be among their people.

Social media has been sounding off on the matter, but with the Drafthouse's standing and reputation, the letter stands to highlight how one's idea of moving toward the future (in the sense of film and theaters) may not always be the right one. Daily distractions from smartphones and other devices commonly pull people away from their own projects and focuses, which is where League hits the nail on the head in this letter: you cannot fully focus on a story with distractions like that surrounding you in the theater.

Be sure to check out the PSAs from the Alamo Drafthouse that include Melissa McCarthy and Sharlto Copley reminding audience members to keep their phones and mouths in silent mode.

Source: Alamo Drafthouse

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