Aladdin Teaser Trailer Breakdown: 8 Hidden Secrets & Live-Action Reveals

Mena Massoud as Aladdin with lamp, desert, and Cave of Wonder

The first teaser trailer for Disney's Aladdin has finally broken free from the Cave of Wonders, with some key moments inspired by the animated source material to break down. Following the trend of other live-action Disney adaptations, like Beauty and the Beast and Dumbothe "tease" in "teaser trailer" is not taken lightly, and viewers are given just a taste of what's to come in director Guy Ritchie's upcoming fantasy adventure.

Following a "less is more" approach, Aladdin's teaser trailer briefly showcases some of the original movie's most classic moments, but leaves out some major scenes, set pieces, and characters. The most notable exemption - given that Will Smith personally announced the release of the trailer himself - is the Genie (though there is a sample of his first musical number, "Friend Like Me" during a brief text transition towards the end). Other characters like Jasmine (played by Naomi Scott), Carpet, and Jafar (played by Marwan Kenzari, whose silhouette appears briefly in one passing shot) are left out.

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Interestingly, the connecting thread throughout each scene in the teaser trailer is the parrot Iago - Jafar's loudmouth sidekick. The bird soars through major landmarks featured in the original Disney animated movie, and this breakdown will paint a clearer picture for audiences who might need a refresher on the source material.

8. The Sweeping Seven Deserts

Desert opening shot in Aladdin teaser trailer

The opening shot of the Aladdin teaser trailer reveals the sweeping Seven Deserts that exist just outside of Agrabah's limits, the city in which Aladdin's key characters reside. This nearly perfectly replicates the opening shot from the original animated movie - only this time, the evening setting from the original is traded for daylight.

7. Jafar In The Desert

Desert travelers with Iago silhouette in Aladdin teaser trailer

The opening shot of the teaser trailer pushes in over the massive dune to reveal a quartet of travelers. All riding on camels, it's impossible to tell who is who, though it's possible - given the direction the trailer ends up taking - that at least two of them are Aladdin and Jafar. Just to the right is a silhouette of the parrot Iago. This may well be a moment during their journey to the Cave of Wonders, after Aladdin is imprisoned. Whether or not Jafar dons a disguise as an old man in this live-action version, however, remains to be seen.

6. The Sultan's Palace in Agrabah

Agrabah Sultan's Palace in Aladdin teaser trailer

Iago is then seen soaring over another desert landscape - this time just outside Agrabah's city walls. In the background, however, just beyond the sweltering sun haze, is the Sultan's Palace. This is where the Sultan (played by Navid Negahban), his daughter Jasmine, and her pet tiger Rajah reside and rule, and where Jafar, the Grand Vizier of Agrabah, and Iago also live. In the original animated movie, the Palace looks like a desert paradise; though its live-action counterpart, however, seems considerably less inviting.

5. Agrabah's City Streets (And Iago)

Iago flying over Agrabah in Aladdin teaser trailer

Moving deeper into civilization, Iago is next seen soaring right over Agrabah's city streets. The sun is set, and there are no telltale signs relating whatever this scene might revolve around with a scene from the original animated movie. That said, it's possible that Jafar may have sent Iago to scout out a potential contender for someone worthy enough to enter the Cave of Wonders and retrieve the magic lamp - a "diamond in the rough," as the original movie puts it. This shot also serves as a transition into the next shot, which is miles - if not days - away from Agrabah.

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