10 Perfect Gifts For The Aladdin Fan In Your Life

Aladdin Lamp and Genie

With the new Will Smith-powered live action Aladdin releasing in May, it's time to shine your lamp and dust off your carpet. Aladdin fans are ready for action and adventure, cool animal companions and unexpected magic. If you're looking for something to add to the hype for the fan in your life, look no further than these gifts that will take them straight to Agrabah.

While you may not be able to get your hands on a magic carpet or a trip to the Cave of Wonders, these gifts will still have your loved one saying they've never had a friend like you.

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10 Lamp Teapot and Glass Set


This lamp and two matching glasses is official Disney merchandise and works as a functioning tea set or as a decoration for a bedroom or kitchen display. The two glasses have matching gold patterning on them, smooth handles and feature an image of Aladdin on one and Jasmine on the other.

The lamp is shiny and gold, with, "Three Wishes," inscribed on the side. This is a great gift for an older child who will feel special having their own tea set but can also appreciate that they have a magic lamp in their room, full of possibilities. Also a great gift for an adult fan as it makes for a great conversation starter.

9 Magic Carpet Handbag


The bag is officially licensed Disney merchandise, for guaranteed high quality and authenticity - whether you believe in magic or not. The front of the handbag features the magic carpet, purple with tassels and a replica of the detailing on the carpet in the film.

On the back, an image of Aladdin and Jasmine on their magic carpet ride appears, with, "A whole new world," written beneath them. The shoulder strap allows for easy carrying and the sizing is smaller to allow a discreet fan to carry the carpet with them wherever they go. The zipper pull is shaped like the magic lamp and the interior of the bag is a bright teal color.

8 Genie Notebook


Wishes need to be written down, kept safe and remembered. The cover of this 'Write up a Wishlist' notebook is gold foil, with a silhouette image of the genie emerging from his magic lamp, complete with sparkly jewels and magic.

The 240 pages are lined, with the magic lamp appearing in the corners. A gold tassel hanging from the edge references the magic carpet, while a gold elastic stretches around the book to keep notes and secrets away from prying eyes. This is a great gift for someone who journals or keeps lists, ideas and thoughts jotted down. The lamp theme makes for a kid-friendly notebook as well.

7 Magic Carpet Ride Funko POP!


It's fun to have two characters combined in one Funko POP! figure, and this particular pose has a ton of movement and action in it. In this scene, Aladdin is taking Jasmine on a magic carpet ride, wooing her with his charm and great pitch.

They swoop down low atop a pond and Jasmine drags her hand along the surface, skimming the water. Movie moments captured in figures are always fun for fans because they are filled with emotion and nostalgia for something that they love. The colors, dynamic posing and imagery behind this POP! are sure to enhance a growing Funko collection or act as a great gift for any Aladdin fan.

6 Scarab Mini Backpack


Officially licensed by Disney, this scarab bag is glamorous and functional. The front zipper pull features an oversized scarab, while the pattern on the bag is made of tiny gold scarabs and dark colors.

Mini backpacks are wildly popular with both children and adults - this one is unisex and can work for people with all different styles. The gold scarab is a huge part of Aladdin and isn't too on-the-nose, so more mature fans might enjoy having something like this, where other people have to look a bit more closely to realize what they're referencing. This is an essential piece of equipment for any journey to the Cave of Wonders.

5 Abu Mug


Abu's innocent-seeming eyes peer out from this hand painted mug, with his ruffles of fur poking out at the top of the cup. This little guy is everyone's favorite monkey, mischievous with a big heart and a strong loyalty for his best friend, Aladdin.

His curled tail forms the handle, big enough for any size hand, and the background is a very Aladdin-inspired purple. It holds 350 ml, which is standard for most coffee cups. The mug is officially licensed Disney merchandise, so you can be sure it will be a high-quality gift for your favorite Aladdin fanatic.

4 Aladdin Blu-Ray


The 1992 animated classic on Blu-ray is an amazing gift for a 90s kid, an Aladdin fan, a Disney lover or anyone who loves being taken on a wild ride of friendship, action and magic. This movie is incredibly funny and features Robin Williams in one of his most iconic roles as the voice of the Genie, an unstoppable fountain of jokes and silly comments.

The Academy Award-winning music of the film is also a huge enjoyment, and the story and animation is evergreen. This is a great gift for parents who adored the film and want to share it with the younger members of their family, or for a fan who would love a trip down memory lane.

3 Heat Changing Wish Mug


Heat changing mugs were all the rage in the 1990s, when another little something was all the rage - Disney's Aladdin, the Genie and his friendship with our title hero.

When cold, this mug features a dark background and an image of Aladdin as a star constellation, with the magic lamp at his feet. The opposite side of the mug says, "Wish I had a Genie". Pour hot coffee or tea into the mug, and the background changes to light blue, with the Genie appearing instead, arms folded proudly. The words change to, "Official Wish Granter". This mug is 500 ml, so a little bigger than a standard coffee mug - all the better for the caffeine addict in your life who loves anything Aladdin.

2 The Art and Making of Aladdin


A behind-the-scenes look at production, creation, and design is always a treat for a fan, as it's a more accessible way to have a backstage pass to a favorite story. This book focuses on the 2019 live-action adaptation of the film, with concept art, unit photography, interviews with the cast and director, plus more beautiful visuals.

This will give a fan something to cozy up with while they wait to see the new film or help them to stretch out the experience after seeing it. A book that gives a fan a way to extend their experience of the newest addition to the Aladdin world is a thoughtful and fun gift.

1 Genie Beanie


It's hard to find an Aladdin fan who isn't head-over-heels in love with the Genie. This beanie features the Genie from the 1992 animated classic film, voiced by Robin Williams in one of his most iconic, treasured performances.

A fun feature of this hat is that the Genie's gold earring (a single one in his right ear) is 3D, hanging off of the hat itself. Likewise, the Genie's iconic ponytail of black hair sticks out the top of the beanie, snugly gathered in a gold tie. This is a fun, unique, compact gift for a fan who will have a hard time being down in the dumps if they have this perched on their head.

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