Aliens Actor Al Matthews Dies At 75

Al Matthews as Sgt. Apone in Aliens

Aliens actor Al Matthews has passed away at the age of 75. Matthews had a long career in Hollywood, but the actor was mostly known as Sergeant Apone in James Cameron's Aliens. Matthews served time in the Vietnam War before his acting career took off in the '70s. His first acting gig was in a short film called Bad Loser before getting his first feature film credit in 1979 for the war film Yanks.

Then, his first big blockbuster came in 1983 when he appeared in Superman III as a fire chief. A few years later, Matthews would speak the line, "Alright sweethearts, what are you waiting for, breakfast in bed?" in Aliens. While he didn't have a big role in the movie, his character was included in the video game Aliens: Colonial Marines in 2013. 1997 was also a big year for the actor as he appeared in The Fifth Element as well as the 007 film Tomorrow Never Dies.

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As reported by Deadline, Matthews died in Spain at the age of 75. The actor and veteran had retired to Spain in 2005, where he was found dead on Saturday. Details surrounding his death were not made available until today; however, his actual cause of death is still unknown. He is said to have died in his home located in a province of Alicante where a neighbor found his body.

The cast of Aliens had varying success in Hollywood after Cameron's film was released. Big-named actors such as Sigourney Weaver and Lance Henriksen have had very triumphant careers in the acting business and have continued to act to this day. Before Bill Paxton's death, he, too, had a very lucrative career in Hollywood, snagging up roles in True LiesEdge of Tomorrow, and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.DAs a director, Cameron has also had an incredibly profitable life by making some massive blockbusters like Terminator 2: Judgement Day, Titanic, and Avatar.

While Matthews may have not had as big of an acting career as some of his Aliens co-stars, the actor managed to stay in the business while occasionally taking years off in between roles. During the Vietnam War, Matthews served for six years and was awarded 13 combat medals; two of which were purple hearts. In 1975, the actor also made his way into the music world by releasing his single, titled "Fool". Matthews' final acting role will be a character named Williamson in the Western film titled The Price of Death, due out in theaters later this year.

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Source: Deadline

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