Akira Creator Has Approval Over Key Detail Of Live-Action Remake

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Fans of Akira will be happy to hear that its creator and director Katsuhiro Otomo has approval over a key detail in the making of the live-action remake. Following news that has Get Out director Jordan Peele officially bowing out of talks to direct, things have continued to percolate in regard to whether or not the big-budget production will finally become a reality.

Previously attracting the dueling talents of Daniel Espinosa and David F. Sandberg -- the directors of Life and Lights Out, respectively -- pre-production on a live-action version of Otomo's masterpiece anime and companion manga series of the same name appears to have reached an impasse. To make matters more complicated, the like-minded Ghost in the Shell film starring Scarlett Johansson was marked by controversy and lackluster box office returns -- though the latest word has Otomo more optimistic regarding his creative control over Akira going forward.

During a recent interview with Forbes, Otomo revealed that the he will hold the power of approval in the making of the Akira live-action remake, particularly when it comes to that film's scenario. While carefully sidestepping any untoward remarks regarding the recent Ghost in the Shell movie, Otomo did comment on the power he holds in adapting his own source material, stating:

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"While I haven't seen the new live-action Ghost in the Shell, when it comes to Akira I have already finished the original manga and my own anime version, too. So in that sense, I am basically done with Akira. If someone wants to do something new with Akira then I am mostly okay with that. As I accepted the offer for a live-action Akira to be made, so I am generally okay with whatever they want to do with it. However, I did give one major condition to a live-action version and that is that I had to check and approve the scenario."

It certainly sounds as though Otomo will have a key voice when it comes to deciding how the remake will be produced, and with any luck his involvement will ensure fans of the original anime and manga that their favorite sequences will be artfully recast with real-life actors. And after the reception received by Ghost in the Shell, one can hope that this can be taken as a sign that things are going well behind the scenes.

Only time will tell whether or not Otomo and company will ultimately manage to produce a worthwhile live-action remake of Akira. In the meantime, here's to hoping for the very best from everyone involved.

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Source: Forbes

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