'AKA Jessica Jones' Set Photos Feature Luke Cage & The Purple Man

Daredevil's debut on Netflix last week went down a treat with critics and audiences alike, introducing Marvel fans to the dark, violent, street-level crime of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and kicking off the first chapter in a series of episodic tales set in Hell's Kitchen. With New York City still recovering from the events of The Avengers, a new set of heroes rise up to help the helpless in their neighborhood.

The next Marvel show to hit Netflix will be A.K.A. Jessica Jones, starring Krysten Ritter in the title role as a former superhero who gives up her colorful costume in favor of a new career as a private detective. The series will also introduce Mike Colter as Luke Cage, Jessica Jones' love interest from the comics, before he goes on to star in his own show.

Luke and Jessica can already be seen getting cozy in the latest set photos from A.K.A. Jessica Jones, which is currently filming on location in New York. The Radio Times published photos of Ritter cuddling up behind Colter on Luke Cage's Harley Davidson. Given the fact that both characters have superhuman durability (in the comics, at least) their motorcycle helmets are probably a bit redundant, but there's nothing wrong with being careful - especially when you're trying to blend in.

Other set photos offer the first look at David Tennant as the villain of the series, Kilgrave, who in the comics was known by the moniker The Purple Man. This was a reference to his purple skin and hair, but it looks like the TV show is going for a slightly more grounded take on the character. Kilgrave's skin is decidedly skin-colored and his hair is brown, but he works shades of purple into his wardrobe.

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'AKA Jessica Jones' Set Photos Feature Luke Cage & The Purple Man