AICN Interviews Jon Favreau At The Comic-Con

Quint from Ain't It Cool News scored an interview with Jon Favreau at the San Diego Comic-Con. The Iron Man movie is looking better and better and I think the Con is going to go a long away towards raising awareness about the movie. That sounds like a weird thing to say, but Iron Man is just not a well-known superhero and it will be important to the studio to get the word out on this one.

One of the opening comments in the interview by Jon Favreau was:

We wanted to rock the room. We wanted to get a good buzz going and also there’s been so much curiosity and we haven’t shown any teasers or anything, because it’s a comic book movie and because it’s the first MARVEL movie we really wanted to sort of reward the COMIC-CON fans with the first look at anything and by the way that was a thing that’s never going to be shown anywhere else. That was just cut for COMIC-CON. That’s for people who want to know “Is Robert Downey [Jr.] Tony Stark?” “Did we handle it…?” “Are we staying true to the books?” You know? “Are we going to be a kiddy movie or are we going to go for it?” We wanted to show the fans that they aren’t being forgotten with the first MARVEL STUDIOS production.

This is all really great to hear and by the audience reaction last Thursday at the presentation I'd have to say that he achieved his goal and generating buzz and getting people extremely excited about and interested in the film.

For the full interview head on over to AICN.

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