Star Wars: 15 Actresses Who Could Play Ahsoka Tano

While there’s no word yet about a live-action Ahsoka movie, Star Wars fans can always dream. But which actress should play Ahsoka Tano?

Rosario Dawson as Ahsoka Tano by BossLogic banner

Modern Star Wars films have been making an impact with on-screen heroines. When Ahsoka Tano joined The Clone Wars, her character was initially greeted with lukewarm enthusiasm. Since then, Ahsoka has become one of the most beloved animated additions to the Star Wars franchise, known for her agile combat skills, relentless determination, and fiery spirit.

Fans were delighted to learn more about her in the book Ahsoka, by E. K. Johnston, and thrilled to see her return as a rebel agent in Star Wars Rebels. While her fate after season three is currently unknown, it seems like the unexplored territory would be ideal fodder for a future live-action movie. Recently, actress Rosario Dawson tweeted that she’d love to play Ahsoka Tano, even including the hashtag #AhsokaLives at the end.

Actor Diego Luna praised the diverse casting choices in Rogue One, a trend that one would have hoped would continue for more modern Star Wars films. Some critics have already called out the Untitled Han Solo Standalone for not following suit. Perhaps a live-action Ahsoka movie could help remedy the issue by employing a more racially diverse cast, especially by selecting a woman of color for the leading role. Here are 15 Actresses Who Could Play Ahsoka Tano.

15 Amber Midthunder

Amber Midthunder as Kerry Loudermilk in Legion Marvel

Newcomer Amber Midthunder has recently made her Marvel debut with the latest live-action comic book series, Legion. In the show, Midthunder plays Kerry Loudermilk, a tough and enigmatic character with a mean side kick, and was spotted her practicing her martial arts techniques on a Wing Chun training dummy.

Preferring to keep her age undisclosed, the young actress is certainly no stranger to Hollywood. Her mother, Angelique Midthunder, is an Emmy-nominated casting director, while her father David Midthunder has a slew of acting credits to date. Amber Midthunder has a mixed ethnic background, and she is an enrolled member at the Fort Peck Sioux and Assiniboine Indian Reservation in Montana. In 2013, Amber collaborated with her mother to write and direct a short film entitled Don't. The film won its category at the Native Cinema Showcase.

Most recently, Amber played Vernon Teller, opposite of Jeff Bridges in the Academy Award nominated film Hell or High Water. Rising actress Amber Midthunder is definitely one to watch, and with her martial arts background in jiu-jitsu and kickboxing, it seems like she’s more than capable to handle the physical aspects of Ahsoka’s role.

14 Yaya DaCosta

Yaya Dacosta Tron Legacy Disney

Originally from New York City, the 34-year-old actress is a graduate of Brown University, where she studied International Relations and African Studies. According to IMDB, Yaya has African-American, Brazilian, Irish, West African and Native American (Cherokee) ancestry. In 2005, DaCosta first got started with a minor role as Ms. Jenkins on the television series, Eve. Soon after, she captivated audiences with her role as LaRhette in the dance film Take the Lead with Antonio Banderas. DaCosta appeared on All My Children as Cassandra Foster, and later joined the cast of Ugly Betty as Nico Slater in 2009. In Disney's TRON: Legacy, Yaya was cast as a mesmerizing siren. In 2011, she took on the role of Greta in the film In Time, a sci-fi thriller starring Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried.

Since then, DaCosta has varied her time between roles in television and movies. In 2013, she joined the cast of The Butler as Carol Hammie, and in 2015, she was cast as Whitney Houston in the television movie, Whitney. Yaya can most recently be spotted in the television series Chicago P.D., Chicago Fire, and Chicago Med, where she stars as April Sexton. Her next project, Bolden! is currently in post-production, and DaCosta stars alongside Ian McShane, Michael Rooker, and Erik LaRay Harvey. With her film experience in sci-fi roles and recent television credits, DaCosta could be a possible contender the role of Ahsoka Tano.

13 Keisha Castle-Hughes

Keisha Castle Hughes as Obara Sand Game of Thrones

Born in Australia, Keisha Castle-Hughes later moved to New Zealand when she was young. The 26-year-old actress has a mixed ethnic background, as her mother has New Zealand Maori ancestry, and her father is Australian. For her initial film debut, Castle-Hughes landed the leading role as young Maori girl, Paikea, in Whale Rider (2002).

Amusingly enough, Castle-Hughes is no stranger to the Star Wars universe. Fans have already seen her in the prequels, where she starred as the Queen of Naboo in Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. Given that she’s already had an experience with the filming process when it comes to Star Wars, will she still be in the running for playing Ahsoka? It’s certainly possible that she could return to Star Wars universe again, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Last year, she starred as Donna Mancini on the television series Roadies. Most recently, she can be found playing Obara Sand, one of the infamous Sand Snakes from Game of Thrones. With an appearance in Episode III and a captivating role in Game of Thrones, Castle-Hughes is a strong pick for a live-action Ahsoka film.

12 Naomi Scott

Naomi Scott in Power Rangers

Notably best-known for her upcoming role as Kimberly Hart in the upcoming live-action Power Rangers reboot, the 23-year-old actress is somewhat of a newcomer when it comes to film. Scott will star as the Pink Ranger in the new Power Rangers film, directed by Dean Israelite. Scott has a mixed ethnic background, including Gujarati Indian on her mother's side and English from her father's.

In 2015, she took on the role of Escarlette in the biopic, The 33. Other than that, Scott has shown off her skills in a series of shorts and television roles. Her first major role was Megan in the Disney Channel UK television show Life Bites back in 2009, and she later starred as Maddy Shannon in the series Terra Nova. Her most recent television credit includes her role as Sahira Desai in the series Inspector Lewis.

Born in London, Scott certainly won't have to worry about any work visa issues, particularly if an Ahsoka film were to be produced at Pinewood Studios. While we’ll have to see how the Power Rangers reboot fares, Scott will already have one live-action film under her belt, giving her an edge towards nailing the role for Ahsoka Tano.

11 Carmen Ejogo

seraphina picquery macusa president fantastic beasts

Hailing from London, Carmen Ejogo first got started with television roles in the early nineties. Harry Potter fans will undoubtedly remember Ejogo's performance as Seraphina Picquery in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Ejogo also starred as Coretta Scott King in Selma, where she gave a poignant performance as the wife of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Next up, she is slated to appear as Bria Jones in a television series called The Girlfriend Experience. Ejogo is also listed to star in Alien: Covenant and It Comes at Night, two films which will be released later this year. At this time, it remains to be announced if she’ll be reprising her role as the President of the Magical Congress, Seraphina Picquery, in one of the upcoming Fantastic Beasts installments. 

The 42-year-old actress might seem a little out of the age range to play Ahsoka Tano, but it all depends on what setting and timeframe execs decide to go for. If they're opting for a live-action film devoted to Ahsoka's later years, exploring her life after she left the Jedi Order, it seems like Carmen Ejogo would be a prime pick.

10 Jeeja Yanin

Jeeja Yanin Vismitananda as Zen in Chocolate

Fans of the martial arts genre will undoubtedly remember Jeeja Yanin as Zen, the lead actress in the 2008 action film, Chocolate. With less than ten on-screen credits to her name, you might think that Jeeja wouldn't be able to handle playing a role like Ahsoka Tano.

However, after one viewing of her film debut, Chocolate, you'll undoubtedly reconsider. Jeeja is definitely qualified to take on the physicality of the role, expertly taking down assailant after assailant in her films with an effortless fluidity. She has already demonstrated that she can handle a lead role in movies like Raging Phoenix, This Girl is Bad-Ass!! and The Kick. Yanin also appeared as Ping Ping in Warrior King 2 and had a minor role in the Michael Jai White film Never Back Down: No Surrender last year.

In 2015, Yanin starred as Thip in a fantasy/horror television series called Halfworlds. Next up, she's slated to begin filming an action film called Red Cargo in June. Recent Star Wars films have ushered in a new wave of martial artists into the Star Wars universe. Martial artist stars from The Raid like Uko Uwais, Yayan Ruhian, and Cecep Arif Rahman had a short cameo in The Force Awakens. Although Yanin has been more focused on her family life lately, it's possible that she could follow in the footsteps of esteemed martial artist and actor, Donnie Yen, and join the Star Wars universe.

9 Teyonah Parris

Teyonah Parris Chi-Raq

A South Carolina native, Teyonah Parris graduated from The Juilliard School in New York City. Parris first started off her career by starring as Dawn Chambers, one the first major African American characters in the AMC television series, Mad Men. The 31-year-old actress later landed a role in the 2014 indie film Dear White People, directed by Justin Simien.

In 2015, Parris starred as the lead role in the satirical film Chi-Raq, helmed by director Spike Lee. In the film, she proved that she’s more than capable of taking the lead—demonstrated by her captivating performance as Lysistrata. Ahsoka's character is known for being outspoken, a quality that Parris truly showed in the movie. While the film received mixed reviews, Parris was nominated for the NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Actress in a Motion Picture for her work. After wrapping Chi-Raq, Parris later starred as the lead in Where Children Play.

In 2015, she starred in the drama Five Nights in Maine with David Oyelowo, who lends his velvety voice to Agent Kallus in Star Wars Rebels. Teyonah also starred as jazz singer Miki Howard in The Miki Howard Story. Most recently, the actress has taken a role in the period piece Buffalo Soldier Girl, chronicling the life of a woman who disguises herself as a Buffalo Soldier to fight during the post-civil war era. Parris also just wrapped a short called 90 Days and stars as Missy Vaughn in the television series Survivor's Remorse.

8 Rosabell Laurenti Sellers

Rosabell Laurenti Sellers as Tyene Sand in Game of Thrones

At a mere twenty years old, Rosabell Laurenti Sellers is one of the youngest of our picks on the list, but she's certainly had her fair share of on-screen experience. For over a decade, Sellers has been amassing numerous film and television credits in Italy and elsewhere in Europe. She first landed a role in the television series E poi c'è Filippo in 2006 and has since starred in various films, television movies, and TV shows. In 2008, she starred as Coco Chanel in a television movie of the same name, and a year later, she also played Anne Frank in the television film called Memories of Anne Frank. More recently, Sellers landed a starring role in the television series Mia and Mia, which aired from 2011 until 2015.

Sellers is best known for her work as one of the cunning Sand Sisters from Game of Thrones. Her work as Tyene Sand certainly helped generate tons of buzz, and it looks like this young starlet is one to watch. The mesmerizing performance as Tyene Sand under her belt could boost her chances of being selected as Ahsoka Tano.

Although she was born in Italy, Sellers spent time growing up in California, New York City, and Rome. Since 2015, Sellers has been pursuing her degree in acting at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London. Could she nab a role as Ahsoka Tano post-grad or while she’s currently studying? Only time will tell.

7 Chloe Bennet

Agents of SHIELD - Chloe Bennet as Daisy

Born in Chicago, Illinois, Chloe Bennet is best known for her role as Daisy “Skye” Johnson on Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. In the show, she stars as a superheroic hacktivist. Bennet had auditioned a total of six times for her role on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, and she had originally read for the bookish Simmons instead. When she received word of her casting, she was moved to tears. While Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D continues its fourth season, perhaps she’ll have time to focus on filming a live-action Ahsoka film later down the line. She’s already in the Marvel family, it seems like it would be a pretty easy transition to mosey on over to London and join the Star Wars universe as well.

In real life, Bennet is as fiery and outspoken as Ahsoka. Bennet has mixed ancestry, including Chinese on her father's side and a mix of European ethnicities on her mother's side. Angered over model Gigi Hadid’s offensive behavior mocking Asian eye features, Chloe penned an open letter in response. My value does not come from how I LOOK, but from my CHARACTER. From how I treat others. I know I am not alone in feeling these things. Bennet wrote in her Instagram post. Bravo, Chloe, for being a positive role model—we’re sure that Ahsoka would approve.

6 Gugu Mbatha-Raw

Gugu Mbatha-Raw in Beyond The Lights

Originally from Oxford, England, Gugu Mbatha-Raw has worked in a variety of roles, including British television, stage productions, and feature films. The 33-year-old actress first got her start with a role as Colette Hill in the television series Holby City back in 2005. Ever since, she has continued to work in television, stage, and film.

In 2007, she starred as Tish Jones in the television series Doctor Who, the sister of Martha Jones. She also starred as Viv Davis in Bonekickers, Samantha Bloom in Undercovers, and Clea Hopkins in the television series, Touch. In 2013, Mbatha-Raw landed a starring role as Dido Elizabeth Belle in Belle, and also starred as Noni in the romantic film Beyond the Lights. She had a minor role as Famulus in the Wachowski's Jupiter Ascending, and she recently appeared in the Netflix television series Black Mirror as Kelly.

Next up, she's slated to appear as Plumette in the upcoming film adaptation of Beauty and the Beast. She's also set to appear in God Particle, Fast Color, and as Dr. Kate Murry in the upcoming film version of A Wrinkle in Time next year. Mbatha-Raw was rumored to join Star Wars: Episode VIII, but unfortunately, it didn’t seem to pan out. Given her wide range of performances, Gugu Mbatha-Raw could get a second chance at joining the Star Wars universe as Ahsoka Tano.

5 Nathalie Emmanuel

Missandei the scribe on Game of Thrones season 6

Originally from England, Nathalie Emmanuel has a mixed ethnic background, including Dominican, Saint Lucian, and British. She also appeared in the television series Casualty as Cheryl Hallows, and Charlie in the British comedy Misfits. Emmanuel then made the jump to film with her appearance in the 2012 thriller, Twenty8k. Next, she landed a sultry role as Ramsey in Furious 7, the 2015 installment of the Fast and Furious series. Emmanuel has also appeared in the Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials as Harriet.

These days, Emmanuel is best known for her role as Missandei, the handmaiden to Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones. Missandei acts as a translator for Daenerys, and she is slated to appear in episode one of season seven, with a release date to be announced. After that, Emmanuel is set to appear in The Titan, and she will also reprise her role as Ramsey in The Fate of the Furious, which will be released on April 14, 2017. She will also continue on her role as Harriet for Maze Runner: The Death Cure, which will be released next year.

Emmanuel's role as Missandei proves that she’s able to work her way around complex fictional languages, a skill that might be required for playing Ahsoka Tano. The former Jedi Padawan is a Togruta female, and if the film decides to explore her heritage, they may need an actress like Nathalie Emmanuel.

4 Keke Palmer

Keke Palmer as Zayday Williams in Scream Queens

Born Lauren Keyana Palmer, the Illinois native has come a long way from her first role as Gina's Niece in Barbershop 2: Back in Business. Palmer initially got started with roles in television shows such as Cold Case, ER, and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. In 2006, she made her jump to the big screen by appearing as Nikki in Madea's Family Reunion. Palmer is most well-known for her work in the critically acclaimed Akeelah and the Bee (2006).

Since then, she's alternated between television roles and films, with roles in shows like True Jackson, VP and 90210. Palmer has also dabbled in voice acting for animated favorites like Ice Age: Continental Drift, Winx Club, and Family Guy. She recently starred as Marty Maraschino in the television movie Grease Live! and reprised her role as Peaches for Ice Age: Collision Course.

Palmer can also be spotted in the television series Scream Queens, where she stars as Zayday Williams. Palmer acts alongside Carrie Fisher's daughter, Billie Lourd, who stars as Chanel #3, and posted a recent selfie with Keke. Lourd is set to appear in The Last Jedi at the end of this year, and it’s been confirmed that she has an expanded role in Episode 8.

Could Keke Palmer also join her Scream Queens co-star in a galaxy far, far, away? With her extensive background in television, film, and voice acting, Palmer certainly has a dynamic range to offer when it comes to the role of Ahsoka Tano.

3 Tessa Thompson

Tessa Thompson in Creed

Born in Los Angeles, Tessa Thompson first starred in a minor role as Wilhelmina 'Billie' Doucette in the 2005 television series Cold Case. Thompson took on other roles in television shows like Veronica Mars, Grey's Anatomy, and Hidden Palms, before starring in films. More recently, Thompson delivered compelling performances in films such as Dear White People and Selma from 2014.

Her recent work has generated even more buzz around the actress. In Creed, she starred as the neo-soul singer, Bianca, alongside Michael B. Jordan. Most recently, Thompson can be found playing Charlotte Hale in the hit sci-fi television series, Westworld. This year, she's set to appear in Annihilation, a sci-fi thriller starring Natalie Portman and Jennifer Jason Leigh.

In November, Thompson will officially join the Marvel Cinematic Universe, where she’ll appear in Thor: Ragnarok as Valkyrie. The addition of Thompson is a breath of fresh air, adding some much-needed diversity to the MCU. Next year, Thompson will star in a western drama called Little Woods, where she'll be co-starring in a leading role with Lily James.

Ahsoka Tano's characterization has evolved over time, from her days as a Jedi Padawan with Anakin Skywalker in The Clone Wars, to her more mature persona in Star Wars Rebels. Affectionately known as "Snips" by her former master, Ahsoka got her nickname from having her "snippy" attitude and fiery spirit. Based on her bold performances, Thompson would be an ideal pick for Ahsoka Tano.

2 Ashley Eckstein

Ahsoka vs Vader

Best known for her voice-acting role as Ahsoka Tano herself, Eckstein first got started by voicing as Yaeko for the English version of Studio Ghibli's classic, Only Yesterday (1991). Eckstein has also appeared on other television shows like That '70s Show and The Replacements. She starred as Muffy, the main antagonist in Disney's That's So Raven.

Back in 2008, Eckstein first joined the Star Wars Universe as the main voice of Ahsoka Tano in The Clone Wars. While her character initially had mixed reception by critics and fans, she's garnered a big following since, and she's become one of the more beloved characters from the animated Star Wars series. Since The Clone Wars wrapped, she’s worked on shows like Sofia the First, Ultimate Spider Man, and DC Super Hero Girls. To the delight of many fans, she reprised her role as an older and wiser Ahsoka Tano in the new animated Star Wars series, Star Wars Rebels. While her fate at the moment is unknown, time will tell if she'll be appearing for season four.

Some fans can’t even fathom having an Ahsoka film without Eckstein. Although the actress doesn’t have any upcoming projects listed, she has been looking forward to expanding her retail brand, Her Universe. Would she have time to take on the responsibility for a live-action Ahsoka movie? We’ll have to see!

1 Rosario Dawson

Rosario Dawson as Ahsoka Tano by BossLogic banner

When word got out that Rosario Dawson would love to play Ahsoka Tano, the Internet erupted with joy. Digital artist BossLogic even created detailed fan art dedicated to the actress, depicting a fully imagined version of Rosario as Ahsoka. Dawson has a slew of film credits under her belt, and is best known for her action roles as Gail in Frank Miller's Sin City, and Abernathy in in Quentin Tarantino's Death Proof.

More recently, Marvel fans have been delighted by her performance as Claire Temple in Netflix series’ like Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage. She’ll be reprising her role as the Night Nurse-inspired character in the upcoming Iron Fist series and The Defenders. She's also slated for appearing in Krystal, Unforgettable and it was recently announced that she'll be playing Becky in Clerks III.

Dawson is also no stranger to voice acting, having recently starred as Batgirl in The LEGO Batman Movie. With her lengthy resume, it’s safe to say that Dawson is more than qualified to tackle a fierce role like Ahsoka Tano. You never know what the future holds, so for now, keep your fingers crossed for more details about a live-action Ahsoka movie on the horizon!


Who would you like to see play a live-action Ahsoka Tano? Let us know in the comments!

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