Star Wars: 11 Things Nobody Knew Ahsoka Tano Did After the Clone Wars

Ahsoka Tano has always been a stubborn and driven individual, so it came to no surprise to Star Wars fans when she continued to fight for what she believed in. Even after she left the Jedi Order. Ahsoka's second best-known appearance would obviously be in the Rebels TV series, but she also had her own novel. The novel carries the same name as its main character and was written by E.K. Johnston. Both the Rebels series and her novel give us a good look at what Ahsoka had been doing in the time since the Clone Wars concluded, and it's clear that her journey is far from over.

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11 Surviving the Clone Wars

Unlike many of the Jedi we grew fond of during the Clone Wars TV series, Ahsoka did not perish during Order 66. Instead, she survived, going into hiding for a long period of time while trying to figure out what she wanted to do next to help the Rebellion. Ahsoka survived the Clone Wars for two major reasons. First, by that time she had left the Jedi Order. That probably made her less of a target. And secondly, she did an excellent job of faking her own death. Even going so far as to bury her lightsaber alongside an unmarked grave—with a body inside, just not one that happened to be hers).

10 Thabeska

After the Clone Wars concluded, Ahsoka went into hiding. Thanks to her ruse, it was widely believed that she had perished. But that didn't mean it was safe for her to be openly traveling the galaxy. So instead, Ahsoka settled on Thabeska, though that didn't last long, unfortunately. Ahsoka had the perfect job while on Thabeska. She was a mechanic for the Fardi clan, and she truly seemed to enjoy her time there. However, she was forced to reveal her abilities in order to save the youngest of the Fardi clan. After that, it was no longer safe for her to stay on Thabeska.

9 Raada

After Thabeska, Ahsoka decided to settle in on Raada. Once again she became a mechanic, but she was hoping that the larger numbers and poorer working conditions would help conceal her. Her plan went awry when the Galactic Empire started pumping Raada for resources.Like many of the planets the Empire has mined for resources, the environment became dangerous, the people underpaid and hungry, and the natural resources depleted. Naturally, Ahsoka found herself wrapped up in the small rebellion that formed in resistance to what was happening on Raada. This action ultimately drew the attention of the Inquisitors, who became aware that there was a force sensitive being somewhere in the vicinity. Once again she was forced to flee, but this time she had plans of her own.

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8 Senator Organa

Ahsoka and Senator Organa eventually managed to make a deal, though it took significant efforts for the two to meet up in person. They agreed that the Inquisitors were a threat to all force sensitive children in the galaxy. Together they forged an alliance, hoping to find and protect these vulnerable children. It was while working with Organa that Ahsoka learned how to help from behind the scenes. This allowed her to do much more than she had been previously capable of. It also taught her how she could help without having to constantly uproot her life and plans.

7 White Lightsabers

It was after the Clone Wars that Ahsoka gained her famous set of white lightsabers. During her time on the run, Ahsoka finally admitted to herself that she needed a lightsaber back. But hers was long gone. She kept feeling some sort of sensation within the Force, and she eventually realized that there were two Kyber crystals calling to her. These crystals also happened to belong to none other than Sixth Brother—one of the Inquisitors. She won the battle and took the crystals from him. She healed the bleeding crystals and put them in the lightsabers that she had designed and built herself. From this moment on, her lightsabers have been white. There is admittedly some dispute for the reason of this color. Some believe it happens when bleeding Kyber crystals have been healed. Others believe that it signifies Ahsoka's lack of alliance to the Jedi or the Sith.

6 Rebels

Fourteen years after Clone Wars concluded, Ahsoka is seen once again. Ahsoka found a way to help the newest set of characters, those of the Rebels TV series. This time around, she's been using the moniker Fulcrum. Using the techniques that Senator Organa helped her learn, Ahsoka began to gather information for the Rebellion. She also fed this very information to rebellion cells. One of these teams was none other than Ghost and her crew.

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5 Battling Inquisitors

During Ahsoka's time after the Clone Wars, she came against more than her fair share of Inquisitors. We already know that she faced off against Sixth Brother, as he's the one she got her Kyber crystals from. But Ahsoka also battled Seventh Sister and Fifth Brother, and likely many of the others as well. In one instance, she took these two Inquisitors on in order to allow the Ghost crew to escape with a force sensitive child.

4 Quest for the Truth

Ever since the Clone Wars, Ahsoka has been fighting against the truth. Deep down, she likely always knew the identity of Darth Vader, but her heart just couldn't accept it. Instead, she kept moving blindly on, hoping to find a different answer. In an attempt to learn the truth and seek guidance about everything that was happening, Ahsoka, Ezra, and Kanan went to a temple. The hope was that they would speak with Yoda. Here, Ahsoka was forced to admit the truth to herself, as a vision made it impossible to hide from any longer. In the vision, Anakin spoke cruelly to her, eventually revealing his identity.

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3 Temple of Malachor

Ezra, Kanan, and Ahsoka weren't done on their quest for answers. Next, their journey took them to Malachor, where a Sith temple resides. Ahsoka was still seeking answers, though this time they were of the forbidden sort. Instead of answers, the crew found themselves facing a trap. Here, they encountered several inquisitors, Darth Maul, and eventually, even Darth Vader arrived. All of these characters had different motivations and reasons for being there, and the confusion did help our heroes survive, at least in part.

2 Battle of Malachor

One of the most famous battles of the Rebels series happened while the three were on Malachor. Having already faced the Inquisitors and Darth Maul, they now had to face Darth Vader himself. Ahsoka was always a target of Vader's thanks to her knowledge and time spent with Anakin Skywalker. That made her one of the few people capable of figuring out his true identity, which made her a risk. But in the instance of the battle of Malachor, Ahsoka jumped into the fight in order to save Ezra and Kanan.Ahsoka and Darth Vader had an epic fight in the Sith Temple at Malachor. Here Ahsoka reveals her doubts about Vader's true identity and swears revenge on Vader for Anakin's loss. She managed to damage Vader's mask, at which point all of her doubts about his identity were finally put to rest. She could no longer doubt who the man behind the mask was.

1 Saving Ezra

In the Rebels episode 'A World Between Worlds', Ahsoka convinces Ezra to make the hard—but correct—choice about Kanan. She also helps Ezra escape Palpatine's clutches. Considering that Palpatine wanted Ezra to do exactly what he had done for Ahsoka, this was an important moment.

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