Agents of SHIELD Preview Teases Shrike Invasion

Clark Gregg as Sarge in Agents of SHIELD

A trailer for Agents of SHIELD season 6, episode 8 shows the Shrike invasion of Earth finally underway. Agents of SHIELD's sixth season has seen the team fighting on two very different fronts. In the far reaches of space, Fitz and Simmons have finally reunited, and after evading death on several occasions, have now secured passage home. Back on Earth, SHIELD has been rebuilt under the leadership of Alphonso "Mack" MacKenzie, but is immediately forced to contend with the arrival of Sarge, an inter-dimensional soldier who looks exactly like former boss, Phil Coulson, who tragically died in the period between seasons 5 and 6.

While Sarge's presence on Earth has brought only death and destruction so far in Agents of SHIELD season 6, the Coulson doppelganger swears his intentions are noble. Sarge claims that the Earth is under imminent threat from an army of bat-like monsters called the Shrike, as well as their enigmatic creator, and his team are the only ones capable of stopping the planet's destruction. A handful of Shrikes have already appeared in Agents of SHIELD season 6 and even one of them can prove tricky to deal with, but the full scale invasion is yet to begin.

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That looks set to change in tonight's (July 5th) episode, as a new preview trailer released by ABC shows Sarge leading the SHIELD gang into action against the growing Shrike army. The first installment of a two-part story, "Collision Course (Part 1)" will be continued next week on July 12th.

Following on from the conclusion of last week's episode, the preview confirms that Sarge has essentially taken the reins from Mack and is the current head of SHIELD, although it's also apparent that the group do not trust him in the slightest. A shrike-team consisting of Sarge, Melinda May and Quake will meet the incoming invaders head-on, but the footage also demonstrates the destruction that can be caused when a group of these creatures congregate in one place.

The trailer goes on to make a fairly significant reveal about Fitz and Simmons' new friend - a mystery bright-haired woman called Izel, who is searching for artifacts on Earth. While the exact nature of Izel's mission remained a secret in last week's episode, the preview reveals that she is actually searching for the monoliths. These items have appeared on several occasions throughout Agents of SHIELD's history and are capable of moving people through space and time instantaneously. It's safe to assume that the couple would've preferred to never deal with the monoliths ever again, and as much as they long to reach Earth, Fitz and Simmons may hesitate to help this stranger in her goal of possessing these powerful artifacts.

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Agents of SHIELD continues July 5th with "Collision Course (Part 1)" on ABC.

Source: ABC

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