What To Expect From Agents of SHIELD Season 7

Agents of SHIELD Season 7 Marvel

Here's what to expect from Marvel's Agents of SHIELD season 7, from when it will premiere on ABC to what story details have been revealed. When it first premiered, Agents of SHIELD was a direct spinoff from the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe and often featured tie-ins to the movies, but it's since moved away from the films.

As it's continued, Agents of SHIELD has established itself as a compelling MCU property in its own right, earning plenty of devoted fans who've tuned in to watch the stories of Phil Coulson (Clark Gregg), Daisy Johnson (Chloe Bennet), May (Ming-Na Wen) and Fitz (Iain de Caestecker) and Simmons (Elizabeth Henstridge). Later seasons have introduced the likes of Mack (Henry Simmons), Yo-Yo (Natalia Cordova-Buckley) and Deke Shaw (Jeff Ward). The show has tackled all kinds of comic book storylines, from LMDs to Ghost Rider, and has most recently dealt with otherworldly beings like Sarge and Izel.

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With Agents of SHIELD season 6 wrapping up on ABC, fans may be wondering what's next for Marvel TV's longest-running MCU show. Now, we break down everything there is to know about Agents of SHIELD season 7, from when it's expected to premiere to what exactly it will entail.

Agents of SHIELD Season 7 Premiere Date

A specific Agents of SHIELD season 7 premiere date has yet to be announced by Marvel or ABC, but it is expected to arrive next summer. That may be a tough pill to swallow for those that know Agents of SHIELD season 7 wrapped filming already, meaning the episodes could feasibly be ready to air as soon as Fall 2019 or Winter 2020. However, in what appears to be a bid to keep Agents of SHIELD going for as long as possible, season 7 won't debut on our TV screens until Summer 2020. Since Agents of SHIELD season 6 premiered in May, it's likely season 7 will premiere in the same window next spring/summer.

Agents of SHIELD Season 7 Is The End

Agents of SHIELD Cast Season 5

Just before the show's San Diego Comic-Con 2019 panel, it was confirmed Agents of SHIELD season 7 will be its last, wrapping up this story of the MCU's spy organization once and for all. As such, Agents of SHIELD season 7 will be tasked with continuing the story from the season 6 finale and taking fans on a new adventure, one that will inevitably lead to the end of SHIELD's story. At least, with the creative team knowing Agents of SHIELD season 7 will be its last, they had the chance to give the team a proper spy's goodbye.

Agents of SHIELD Season 7 Story

SPOILERS ahead for the Agents of SHIELD season 6 finale.

After the Agents of SHIELD season 6 finale, it's clear the Cronicoms will be the main antagonists of season 7. After attacking the Lighthouse and forcing Fitz and Simmons to flee, it's revealed that they hope to settle Earth as their new home planet (after theirs was destroyed by Sarge in his quest to kill Izel). To do so, they're targeting SHIELD because they believe the organization to be the only thing preventing them from achieving their goal.

Once Simmons arrives with an upgraded Zephyr-One to rescue Mack, Daisy, Yo-Yo, May and Deke from the Inca temple, though, they travel back in time. It appears Agents of SHIELD season 7 will kick off in 1930s New York City, during the Prohibition Era. How long they'll stay in the 30s remains to be seen, and with the jump drive incorporated into the Zephyr-One, SHIELD now has time travel capabilities. Along with a Chronicom Coulson, SHIELD has new allies and gadgets to help in their fight against the Chronicoms, but it remains to be seen if they'll be able to save the world one more time before Agents of SHIELD wraps up forever.

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Agents of SHIELD returns for season 7 in 2020 on ABC.

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