Graviton Forces His Enemies to Kneel in Agents of SHIELD Clip

A clip from the next episode of Agents of SHIELD sees the newly-powered Graviton take command of his alien foes. In last week's SHIELD offering, the mentally unstable Talbot decided that the best way to make amends for his actions while under HYDRA control would be to power himself up using the machine everyone else on his team was desperately trying to to destroy. Imbuing his body with the power of Gravitonium, Talbot went from former military big-shot to one of the world's most powerful superhero entities and took himself and Phil Coulson off into the skies on a mystery excursion.

In addition to the problems posed by Talbot and the fact he may ultimately become the "Destroyer Of Worlds," the SHIELD team are also in the middle of an alien invasion. Referring to themselves as The Confederacy, the invaders struck a deal with HYDRA and have arrived on Earth to claim their prize, parking their ship directly over SHIELD headquarters. Interestingly, a reference in last week's episode suggested that the New York based events of Avengers: Infinity War were happening simultaneously.

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Marvel Entertainment have now released a new clip from tomorrow's (May 4th) episode, "The One Who Will Save Us All" and, unsurprisingly, Talbot's new powers have gone to his head. The scene more or less confirms that Talbot took Coulson up to the alien spacecraft in order to deal with the situation but while Coulson looks to talk his way out of a potential apocalypse, Talbot elects to use his gravity ability to crush an alien henchman and force the rest of the invaders into submission.

Although there are elements of comedy to the Graviton/Coulson double act, the scene demonstrates that Talbot's combination of Earth-shattering superpowers and HYDRA-scrambled brain is unlikely to end well for planet Earth. One of the foremost mysteries in AoS season 5 has been which character will end up being responsible for Earth's destruction. Daisy was initially in the frame due to her quake abilities and Deke's confirmation that she was present at the epicenter. More recently however, Dove Cameron's Ruby was suspected as the culprit after absorbing a small amount of Gravitonium, but Yo-Yo swiftly put paid to that. Now it seems that Talbot could be responsible but there's still plenty of time for another twist in the tale.

It's also worth remembering that the future version of Yo-Yo claimed the key to stopping the Earth's destruction was letting Coulson die. How exactly Agents of SHIELD will move from the threat of Graviton to Coulson's death being the cause of the apocalypse remains to be seen but with only a few episodes left of the current run and SHIELD's showrunners promising a satisfying conclusion to the season, answers are surely arriving soon.

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Agents of SHIELD season 4 continues with "The One Who Will Save Us All" May 4th on ABC.

Source: Marvel Entertainment

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