Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 5 Casts Dove Cameron

Marvel and ABC's Agents of SHIELD has cast Disney star Dove Cameron in a mysterious new role. The show is entering its fifth season of connecting the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe to the TV world with a ragtag team of agents lead by Phil Coulson (Clark Gregg). While its early seasons were considered rocky, the show has become a fan favorite, celebrated for it diverse cast, strong female characters, and increasingly good storylines that connect back to the Marvel films.

While last season saw the team meeting Ghost Rider (Gabriel Luna) and battling a devious Madame Hydra (Mallory Jansen) in an alternate reality called the Framework, this new season is set to take the team's adventures even further. The season 4 finale saw Coulson and his team end up in space and so far the first 17 minutes of footage have given fans some clues as to how that might have come to be, but also left many questions (so far) unanswered.

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Cameron took to her Instagram to make the announcement, saying she was, "so excited" because she could finally share the news. However, before she could finish, she was whisked away by Gregg in a golf cart. The official Agents of SHIELD  Twitter page reposted the video (seen below) and welcomed Cameron into the cast. There is no word yet on who the actress will be playing - whether friend or foe, Inhuman or alien.

Cameron is best known for playing both the titular twins on the Disney Channel show Liv & Maddie as well as starring in the Disney Channel Original Movie Descendants, and its sequel, as Maleficent's daughter Mal. Besides her acting career, Cameron is a singer. She is also a fan favorite to play Sabrina the Teenage Witch in the Riverdale spinoff and has even posted her support of this choice.

Having just wrapped their 100th episode, Agents of SHIELD is showing no signs of slowing down. Besides Cameron, the show has added four other new characters for season 5 who are sure to shake up the team's dynamic. One of the best parts of Agents of SHIELD is its engaging cast and the chemistry they have together onscreen and off. Hopefully these new characters will fit the team and not cause too much trouble (although that's never really the case with these agents). Plus, there's an Infinity War coming that's sure to shake things up. After a strong fourth season, it will be fun to see what tricks Agents of SHIELD has in store.

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Agents of SHIELD two-hour premiere airs Friday, December 1st at 8 PM on ABC.

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