Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Wraps Its 100th Episode

Marvel's Agents of SHIELD have taken to Twitter (with a cake!) to celebrate wrapping production on the show's 100th episode. The flagship series for Marvel Television has been airing for 5 years, featuring a team led by fan-favorite character Phil Coulson, who originally hailed from the Marvel Cinematic Universe films. Coulson, after an untimely death at the hands of Tom Hiddleston's Loki, returned on the small screen and assembled a team within SHIELD to deal with extraordinary threats to the world of the MCU.

From battling HYDRA in multiple incarnations to supernatural threats in the form of last season's incredible introduction of Ghost Rider, Clark Gregg's Phil Coulson has come a long way from his supporting character status. The show is now less than a week away from its season 5 premiere, which will hopefully explain just how Coulson and the rest of the team have managed to find themselves in space.

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With the first 17 minutes available online as well as new cast photos, speculation has already run rampant as to just what will be included in the new season. If the cake is any indication, the 100th episode will feature new recurring character Deke, played by newcomer Jeffrey Ward. While the footage that fans have seen leaves them with a lot of questions, it's clear the season will be a game-changer for Marvel's merry band of agents. But first... cake:

This milestone is particularly important because Agents of SHIELD very nearly didn't get a fifth season. A report earlier this year revealed that some at ABC were looking to cancel the show after four seasons, but a mandate from Disney saved it from cancellation. The TV and movie sides of the MCU are largely separate at this point, but the alien race known as the Kree - who have been instrumental to Agents of SHIELD plotlines in the past - are set to appear in one of Marvel Studios' upcoming movies, Captain Marvel. Who knows - perhaps Disney saved the show because of plans to link the big and small screen worlds again in the future.

No matter what the future holds, however, their 100th episode deserves acknowledgement. For Phil Coulson and his team of agents, no matter what happens in the future of the MCU or with his team, they've left a real and original mark on Marvel TV for years to come.

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