New Agents of SHIELD 'Road to 100 Episodes' Poster Revisits Season 3

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Marvel revisits Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. season 3 with its latest 'Road to 100 Episodes' poster. The Marvel Cinematic Universe TV series will hit the coveted 100th episode mark this year, and promise to deliver big things when it does. That is saying something, seeing as season 5 has already sent the agents into both outer space and the future. Similarly, the current season has been cycling back through a number of themes and characters from seasons past, ranging from ex-agent Hunter to the Kree alien race, and the idea of Phil Coulson's (this time, permanent) death.

While we can't know exactly what will befall the show's heroes in episode 100, or even if this season will be the last for the show, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is currently on hiatus. When it comes back, however, the agents will be back in the present-day and public enemy number one, according to the promo for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s midseason premiere. In the meantime, Marvel is celebrating the journey to 100 episodes with even more comic-book-inspired art.

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Marvel has released a new recap and poster for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. season 3, as part of their 'Road to 100' series. The first entry packed in a lot of details, as did season 2's recap. The latest recap details the evolution of the Inhumans, the secret history of Hydra, and other key moments from season 3, to go with the poster from artist Nick Bradshaw. You can also check out the season 2 recap and poster by frequent Marvel artist Daniel Acuña, below:

The season 2 art focuses more on characters than the season 1 poster does, but it also alludes to key plot beats from that season. We see Coulson drawing the mysterious writing that would unearth the truth behind Terrigen, the Kree, and the Inhumans here, as well as Skye undergoing her transformation into an Inhuman - something that would ultimately lead to her becoming the superhero Quake, and reclaiming her birth name of Daisy Johnson. The final scene looks to be from May's weighty backstory episode in Bahrain, still regarded as one of the show's best.

Season 3's poster is even more packed by comparison, which makes sense given how that season wove together the Hydra and Inhumans narrative threads from the show's first two seasons. The third season was an especially eventful one, wrapping up most of the storylines from season 1 and 2, and setting the stage for the series' (very) soft reboot in season 4.

Marvel's final 'Road to 100' poster will focus on season 4, which included everything from Ghost Rider to LMDs and the Framework. Season 4 also revisited storylines from seasons past, and season 5 is expected to continue in that direction when it returns. At the same time, the show will continue to look to the future (somewhat literally) as it continues its trek towards 100 episodes.

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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. continues Friday, March 2 with “All the Comforts of Home” at 9pm ET on ABC.

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