A Super Detailed Description of Agents of SHIELD Season 5 Footage

Today at the theater inside of Madison Square Gardens, Marvel TV boss Jeph Loeb moderated the New York Comic Con 2017 panel for Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. season 5. After a recap video from the big moments of season 4 (Ghost Rider, LMDs, The Framework, etc.) and a Q&A with the cast which included fan questions, the first 20 minutes of the Agents of SHIELD season 5 premiere was screened exclusively for attendees.

Like season 4, season 5 will be structured into several large story arcs and at least the first one is entirely in space as hinted at with the season 4 finale cliffhanger. Below is the most detailed description of this footage available online, and includes everything I saw in the footage.

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Opens with quick replay of final scene of season 4 with Agents in diner, enjoying last meal before they know they'll get apprehended.

Then pop music plays for a long sequence from the perspective of the mysterious bald man in the suit who apprehends Coulson and the team. It's a flashback to before the arrest. He's seemingly enjoying "normal" life, swimming in a pool, taking some strange beverage from his fridge (the fridge is packed with tons of bottles of that one thing so we know he's probably not a human) - there are crayon drawings stuck to the fridge, then we see him take clothes off for a shower, and as the clothes get thrown onto a bench, the last piece is the human skin suit. He's an alien, hence the weirdness and his weird expressions.

We see the silhouette of him in the shower and he's tall, slightly hunched over, and skinny (definitely not Kree who we know will factor into this season in a big way).

Then this alien dude is back in bald human form, wearing a suit, driving to "work" and he's bobbing his head to the music. He pulls into a large empty hangar where there's a white cargo truck parked. A man steps out of the truck with a tablet device to greet him and swipes through logo pattern options they want displayed on the side of the white truck as a disguise. As he's swiping through options - they're appearing live on the truck itself through some advanced tech. Bald alien dude then goes in the back and there awaits his SWAT team and we see their perspective as they raid Rae's Diner at night and apprehend Coulson and the team.

As they arrive, they setup large lights on the perimeter of the diner. They then shut the power down to the diner and blast the bright lights in through the windows and proceed to breach. We only see the perspective from the two guards outside as this is happening though and they use this opportunity to inject some humor. The one guard tells the other that he told his wife he's at a friend's place for a fantasy sports draft that evening, mocking his wife for not knowing they're halfway through the season. While the bald guy and some of their tech is clearly alien, the SWAT team could very well be human. They certainly seem to be.

As bald man and his team leave the diner with the agents individually bagged and on carts, one of the SWAT units tells their bald leader that there's still one of the characters still seated in the diner and Bald guy responds in his Agent Smith-esque voice "Yeah, not on the list." It's unclear who was left behind. We only know it's not Coulson because he was carted out first.

The next scene begins with the team waking up, gasping for their first breaths, in a dark room (no walls are visible) and ahead of them, they see a familiar object - a Kree teleportation obelisk (similar to what sent Simmons to the alien world previously in the show). This one however is white in color and we see it's solid structure before it converts to liquid form.

In the next scene, we see a cosmic background while eerie space music plays. Coulson is not with his team here as he walks through a scene seemingly frozen in time, featuring human mechanics being sucked out the room through a hold on the side of what must be a space vessel or space station. The sound all of a sudden picks up and we catch up to regular time flowing and everyone is being sucked out the hole. Someone hits a button and the window seals. There's dialogue between the two unknown humans who were just previously floating in the air (and time) and they are yelling at each other for blowing the window. One responds saying it was the only way to get rid of that "thing." It seems like they had to flush out an alien but we don't know how Coulson was able to walk around while time was frozen for a moment. Was it just an effect for the viewers?

Coulson has no idea what's going on, but the two strangers know Coulson. "My god, you're here," one states with glee. They know he's Coulson and they say he's there to save them. Every time Coulson inquires about where they are, who they are, what's going on, they get cut off by some major distraction - other sounds, specifically an alien monster who grabs one of the two.

Coulson starts demanding answers from the remaining one then Mack shows up punching the stranger and knocking him out, right after he revealed his name was Virgil. There's quite a lot of levity and quips to break up the weirdness and horrifying elements of the situation.

Mack: "You okay? What the hell is going on?"

Coulson: "I was about to find out!"

Mack: "My bad. I see a dirty looking dude hovering over you with a crazy looking gun. I acted on impulse... Where'd that box send us?"

Coulson: "I don't have any details but I do know we're in space."

Mack: "Yeah, that makes sense. It's the one thing we haven't done yet."

In the next scene, we see Yo-Yo in a room with someone in a gas mask of sorts. Yo-Yo immediately attacks until realizing its Simmons. The mask is useless but Simmons put it on because there are dead, dehydrated humanoid bodies all over the floor. Something had drained them.

As they're analyzing and discussing the bodies, Coulson and Mack break in. We now have four of the agents together armed with one weird alien gun. They quickly share information, Coulson explaining that they're in space to which Simmons responds "not again." Simmons, using the scientific method as per usual analyzes the situation. They have no idea what monster the people on this starship (if that's what it is) are running away from and Coulson's more concerned with who brought them here in the first place and why.

Next scene, we see another shot of the cosmic background, a slightly colorful but spectacular asteroid belt of sorts. And figure flies into frame, looking like Star-Lord. Similar jacket but a different type of space helmet. He enters through the door from space and activates something to land on the floor.

Next scene, Agent May awakes is in a room to herself, leaning against a wall and she's got a metal curved rod that's attached to the wall but run right through her left leg. She's pinned. As she realizes the situation she's in, there's a scary noise and banging on the door to the room.

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