Agents of SHIELD: 10 MCU Characters That Can Crossover

We've found some MCU characters and superheroes which could crossover into spin-off show Agents of SHIELD.

Throughout six seasons, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. earned its place in the greater Marvel Cinematic Universe as a solid story filled with characters fans were invested in. In that time a few familiar faces from the MCU feature films made appearances, from Lady Sif of Thor to Agent Maria Hill and Director Nick Fury.

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With its seventh and final season premiering in 2020, the audience is dying to see a few more Marvel movie characters join the fray. Coulson's resurrection set off a world of possibilities. Here are 10 MCU characters that can crossover into the Agents of SHIELD television series.

10 Thor

The chances of one of the biggest heroes in the MCU appearing on the show are slim, but Agent Melinda May's obvious crush on the god of thunder makes him a top choice for crossover. May always keeps her cool and confidently talks about her love of Thor and his muscles, but what would happen if she met him in real life?

Fans would be thrilled to see the usually calm and collected Melinda May turn into a fangirl like them. Plus, a team-up battle scene between the two would be amazing.

9 Shuri

Black Panther's genius younger sister makes a perfect fit to feature in a FitzSimmons-centric episode. Imagine the amount of geeky excitement among the three scientists as they work to solve the problems at hand.

If season seven takes place after the events of Avengers: Endgame, then Shuri's knowledge and skills will be sorely needed at SHIELD. The secret government organization will need all the help it can get coping in a post-Thanos world. Featuring Shuri offers an opportunity for future relations between Wakanda and SHIELD.

8 Captain Marvel

The appearance of big-time hero Carol Danvers is another longshot, but what an incredible episode or story arc it would be if she did come to the show. Her first feature film established a connection between her and the organization through her friendship with Nick Fury.

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She briefly met Phil Coulson, though he was really the Skrull Talos, so it's not a stretch to hope she'll show on the small screen. Besides, after getting snapped out of existence, Fury will probably want to check in on his SHIELD children. Who better to help than Carol?

7 Falcon and Winter Soldier

These characters are included as one because they have an upcoming show on the Disney+ streaming service. This gives Marvel the perfect opportunity to introduce them in an Agents of SHIELD episode that links into their buddy superhero show.

Captain America's two best friends present an opportunity for more zingers and one-liners to abound, as the series already has so many funny characters. It's easy to imagine Sam interacting with the new LMD Coulson and saying, "Aren't you supposed to be dead?" The deadpan between Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan would kill.

6 Luis

The hilarious, fast-talking ex-con from Ant-Man would add the perfect comedic element to balance out how heavy the series has been. The episode could even start with a "Previously on..." rundown as told by Luis in his rambling style that the MCU audience grew to love.

The series could show Daisy and the gang running into the employee of X-Con Security Consultants while on a mission. Luis being the lovable goof that he is would get swept up in a bad guy's conspiracy and SHIELD would have no choice but to take him in for protection.

5 Sharon Carter

The great-niece of Peggy Carter, founder of S.H.I.E.L.D. is already slated to join the likes of Falcon and Winter Soldier. It's fitting she guest-star in an episode for the final season of Agents of SHIELD.

Her whereabouts during the last two Avengers movies are unknown, as she last appeared making out with Steve Rogers before going on the run in Captain America: Civil War. The audience isn't even sure if she disappeared for five years during the great snap. Featuring her in the SHIELD series provides an opportunity for answers.

4 Talos the Skrull

Captain Marvel Talos Drinking Soda

The Captain Marvel movie proves that the Skrull are not the villains the Kree makes them out to be. Talos even takes on the role of Nick Fury for a time in Spider-Man: Far From Home.

As Nick's whereabouts are currently unknown, it would be easy for the SHIELD series to feature Talos as a decoy if LMD Coulson calls in his old boss. The chaos that would ensue upon discovering he's actually a Skrull would make for the best Marvel drama to end the series.

3 Ms. Marvel

Kamala Khan Ms Marvel New Costume

Kamala Khan debuted as the first Muslim superhero in Marvel's canon in 2014 as Ms. Marvel, the successor to Captain Marvel. She is slated to have her own series on Disney Plus. As one of the Inhumans of the Marvel universe, it's the perfect opportunity to offer Daisy Johnson a protege as she makes her exit in Agents of SHIELD.

Though she is not confirmed for any movies yet, the Carol Danvers actress Brie Larson has expressed an interest in having Ms. Marvel appear in the superhero's sequel movie.

2 Happy Hogan

Far From Home Happy Hogan on the jet

With the events at the end of Spider-Man: Far From Home and taking on Peter Parker as his next superhero project, Happy has his hands full. In trying to clear Peter's name, he could reach out to SHIELD for help.

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Fans may think Happy has no idea that Coulson is still around in some form, but the notion that Tony Stark wouldn't keep tabs on them and leave his information to Happy or Pepper is absurd. The former Stark bodyguard most likely has a code to get into the hidden SHIELD headquarters already.

1 Valkyrie

Tessa Thompson's Valkyrie made her debut in Thor: Ragnarok as a drunken mess and bounty hunter. But she cleaned up her act and became King of New Asgard. Adding Valkyrie to the SHIELD lineup for an episode or two gives the show an opportunity to feature another LGBTQ character.

Across the board, the series' representation of diverse characters has far surpassed that of the MCU itself. But even this show has underrepresented the queer community, with only Joey Gutierrez, an openly gay man, in their roster. Valkyrie allows them to course-correct, just in time for the series finale.

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