15Ghost Rider / Robbie Reyes

Robbie Reyes and his version of the Ghost Rider are two of the newest additions to Marvel Comics. In All-New Ghost Rider #1 by Felipe Smith and Tradd Moore from 2014, readers were introduced to Robbie as a young kid living in East LA and supporting

his wheelchair-bound brother. By day, he’s a student, and at night he races cars. He also doles out vigilante justice as an updated version of the Ghost Rider.

It’s not just his look and vehicle that are different, but his origin. Unlike Johnny Blaze and the other Ghost Riders, Robbie isn’t powered by the spirit of vengeance. Instead, it’s the ghost of his serial killer uncle that ignites him. The show switched this up a bit, having Robbie follow the more traditional path and keeping Eli around as a living villain. Though a good bit of quantum physics has been added to his origin, his connection to the mystical Darkhold still keeps things in the supernatural realm.

For his look, his skull is more traditional than in the comics, but his signature jacket and Charger are carried over to TV.

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